Japan Memories #11: Hakone Sekisho Palace Gardens

Travel Date : 28th March (Wed)

Hakone Sekisho (Hakone Checkpoint) / Exhibition. It is a reproduction which uses realistic mannequins to show what it was like at the checkpoints which exicsted throughout Japan during the Edo era, with live recreators appearing on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Visitors may also take pictures together with recreators in period costume. Discounts on admission available for those with a Freepass or Weekdaypass.

More Info: Hakone Sekisho Website

Mailing Our Postcard

We bought a postcard from one of the souvenir shops and specially went to the nearby post office to buy a stamp for Singapore. This started our tradition of writing thoughts from the trip (we did it later on for Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland) and posting it to our own house to reminisce after the trip. ^_^


JapanRecap_ScrapbookTokyoPg39 JapanRecap_ScrapbookTokyoPg39Postcard


Hakone Check Point


We walked to the Hakone Check Point and received two bags of bread free due to the anniversary celebration.Though I didn’t want to take the bread, it was ‘forced’ onto me. I had to put it in the bag since I don’t eat bread.

Some Japanese dressed in traditional costumes and were doing some photo-taking with visitors. I took a photo of Vin with them.


Palace Garden and Observation Building

The Hakone Detached Palace Garden was nice and offered a view of the Mt. Fuji, though we still could not see much of it. It was huge and nicely landscaped with many steps to climb up and down. We took several pictures with the cute dome-shaped trees.



Climbing up the steps to the Lakeside Observation Building, one could spot Mount Fuji if the day is not cloudy. We didn’t have the luck though.

The red arrow points to a glimpse of Mount Fuji…A faint outline…

Leaving the Lakeside Observation Building, we reached the “200 Steps” to walk down to the path of the Ancient Cedar Trees, going closer to Lake Aishi.


At the end of this, we would be walking along Lake Aishi to reach the Ancient Cedar Path…

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Our Planned Itinerary:

(Morning to Afternoon)

  • Breakfast at Ryokan/ Checkout 
  • Walk 5 minutes on the Hakone-machi’s main road to Hakone Checkpoint – small museum (300 yen)

            – Hakone Detached Palace Garden (Onshi-Hakone-Koen)
            – Lakeside Observation Building (Daily 9am-4.30pm)

  • Cross bridge from the northernmost exit from the garden to reach Moto Hakone-Ko
  • Walk along Lake Aishi on the Cedar Path to the Hakone Jinju Shrine
  • Visit Hakone Jinju Shrine 
  • Return to Moto Hakone-Ko for lunch

(This entry is from our Travel Scrapbook of Japan in 2007)

JapanRecap_ScrapbookTokyoPg25to26 JapanRecap_HakoneSekisho

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