Japan Memories #13: Hakone Yumoto Back To Tokyo

Travel Date : 28th March (Wed)

Hakone Yumoto

The beautiful bluish scenery at the lake with the ‘pirate’ ship… If only we could stay longer…


We took the bus back to Hakone Yumoto and found a nice restaurant for lunch. It required us to walk up the stairs to the higher level for seats. The Japanese stared at us as usual since we were the only foreigners and discussed about us in Japanese ( Chinese travellers were rare in the country then and many of the tourists in Hakone were Japanese locals )

We ordered two Katsu Don at 1000 yen each which was considered expensive then. It was quite tasty actually. The bowl was huge and it comes with soup so the price was worth it in the end.

The bus ride was interesting since people only pay when they get off the bus so even though we have the Free Pass, we have to get off queuing and waiting for our turn.

We took the Odakyu Express train from Hakone Yumoto back to Kanda Station to check in our hotel again for another 3 days 2 nights.


The super comfy and clean seats! They don’t seem to be afraid of people dirtying the seats…

Check into Hotel Again

This time the room they gave us was on the sixth floor. The room was cleaner and there was no smell of smoke. The Yukata waist belt is also of a better quality. This room was called the ‘semi-double’ (compared to the ‘single-c’ they gave us earlier on due to the mixed-up booking due to language barriers) and the room size was bigger with a bigger bed for two.

After the early morning walk at Cedar Avenue and the climbing up to Jingju Shrine and a long tiring 2 hours ride back, I was ready to drop off to bed at 5pm. In the end, we had to forgo plans to visit Zozoji Temple in favour of a short nap on our new bed.

(This entry is from our Travel Scrapbook of Japan in 2007)


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