Japan Memories #14: Shopping and Tokyo Tower Night

Travel Date : 28th March (Wed)

Oriental Bazaar

As we still haven’t gone to the Oriental Bazaar, we decided to head to Harajuku after our short rest. On arrival, we discovered it was just a shop selling expensive Tokyo merchandise which tourists could purchase as souvenirs for family and friends back home. The goods were nice but too much for our budget. Still, we bought a Tokyo ‘dish’ ornament for 300 yen, thinking it was a magnet.



Shibuya 109

There was still time so we went on to Shibuya 109, a building full of fashion shops. It has many clothing and other miscellaneous goods stores as well as restaurants and a Tokyu departmental store.

I was not keen on shopping for clothes and only bought a pair of socks after browsing through the levels and shops.We headed down to the basement of the Tokyu Department Store which is like a huge supermarket or ‘food hall’.


Besides fresh produce such as fruits and veggies for cooking, delicious-looking cooked food were also sold here. Beautiful bento lunch boxes with sushi, sashimi, etc that you could just grab and bring home for dinner. Since it was already evening, many Bentos made during the day were going at special prices.

The whole place was bustling with women. It seemed that Japanese women like to buy stuff home to eat or cook. No wonder no one eats out in restaurants and I was often the only female in the places we ate in Tokyo so far.

We bought the Fishshaped pastry called ‘Taiyaki’ and eyed the cute cakes and fresh fruit. I love the strawberries and was tempted to buy one! Alas, the package contained too many and it was out of our budget. The things sold were all quite expensive!

Tokyo Tower Lights

We went to visit Tokyo Tower after that. It was already dark when we reached and Zozoji Temple was closed. The huge temple which housed child spirits looked rather eerie at night. There were several Sakura trees in the garden and along the road to Tokyo Tower. A nice walk in the night with the orangey tower in the distance.


The lighting on it made it look really beautiful at night!



We didn’t go up to the top of the Tokyo Tower since it required an entrance fee. Besides, it had been a long day of travel and we were getting hungry.

For dinner, we decided to go all the way to Akihabara for Curry Rice at a restaurant (Back then, they sold certain food in specific areas, not sure about now). The restaurant had a great ambience with lots of privacy.

Alas, so private we couldn’t see the waiter. Each seat was blocked by high panels of wood, looking like a cubicle. We didn’t know whether to call them or to walk up to the counter. In the end, Vin walked up and was asked to specify the “level” of spicyness. This was a relatively new concept to us back then so we just replied, medium spicy.

The food was great as usual. In fact, we hadn’t eaten anything that tasted “bad” in Japan so far.


(This entry is from our Travel Scrapbook of Japan in 2007)


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