Japan Memories #17: Sight-seeing Cruise and Asakusa

Travel Date : 29th March (Thurs)

Sumida River Cruise is a 40 minutes boat ride from Hinode pier of Tokyo Bay to Asakusa. The river was most important waterway for the development of Tokyo.

Sumida River Cruise


After running around so many places (Tsukuji Fish Market, Hama Rikyu Gardens) in the morning, I fell asleep on board the 40 minutes river cruise and only woke up after some time. The journey was long and passed through several bridges. All of them have their unique shapes and architecture. We also went past the Rainbow Bridge.


I think the spectacular view was due to the Sakura Trees with flowers blooming along the river. The white and pink was a pretty sight. A lot of people were attracted by them.

JapanMemories_06SumidaRiver JapanMemories_06SumidaSakura


The oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo is also the most popular Buddhist temple. Lots of visitors gathered inside the compound leading to the temple and we had to move slowly through the crowd. I was wondering why the architecture looked “Chinese” before I knew it was a Buddhist temple. So far, we had only been to Shinto Shrines in Japan so this place was interesting to us.



Along the way, the street was lined with shops selling foodstuffs and craft souvenirs. This was where we finally bought several local foodstuff such as rice crackers to bring back home for family and friends. As we had been thrifty over the few days, we decided to spend more here and I bought two crafted purses and one little Japanese-style bag.

Temple Entrance

The huge gate lantern at the temple entrance (Kaminarimon-gate) is a distinct feature of the Kannon Temple so we bought a miniature gate lantern too from a souvenir shop for remembrance.



At the inner temple, people were going in and out, praying and offering. We didn’t venture in even though we were curious since there were too many people.


We ate Yakitori and Takoyaki from the foodstalls again to grab more time for sight-seeing later.


Next, we headed to Ueno Park to view more of the cherry blossoms.

(This entry is from our Travel Scrapbook of Japan in 2007)

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