March 2015: Recap and Updates

Things had been quiet here after we stopped travelling since September 2014. We didn’t plan to travel in December since we already did our travelling in off-peak period.

A Recap and Update on Things Happening in Our Life and On the Blog.

Summary of Oct – Dec 2014 :

As usual, I experienced travel fatigue after coming back from our one week in Vietnam and worked more on categorising and editing photographs, instead of writing.

We started posting some travel moments and tips on Hanoi and even wrote about the first night we watched a water puppet show. In the middle of it, I continued with my Japan Posts on our couple trip 7 years ago on an almost weekly basis.

December saw the least posting as I only produced three blog posts on Japan Moments in one month, while I spend time bringing my boy out during the holidays. He graduated from Kindergarten and would be starting life in Primary 1 in 2015. I wanted to spend more time outdoors with him and bringing him places instead of staying home in front of the computer. I didn’t regret that, though readership dropped significantly (from 20K to 17.5 K page views, Users rates dropped from 5994 to 5700 Monthly). It’s more important to me to forge stronger bonds with my child, which was why we took him travelling as a family in the first place!

Vin helped me to write some of the Vietnam articles but the bulk of the work still falls on me as I’m the one editing the photographs and setting the blog post layouts. Due to taking a break and taking on a student from Sep – Dec for private tuition, the routine was broken and I found it hard to get back to blogging and editing photographs all day.

The end of the year also mean a report of our hardwork for the entire 2014.

How was our blog stats for Year 2014?

We achieved a total of 194,000 views!  I’m happy with this since I was not too consistent in the later months in churning out new content. People visited our old content a lot and this makes me feel it was worthwhile writing each travel posts carefully (even if it was long after the trip). If a post is done well, it could be read many times, by many people, for many years to come!


Summary of Jan – Mar 2015 :

Finally, in January 2015, I decided to buck up and did a detailed post on our Vietnam itinerary. I enjoyed making the graphics and spent one whole day on two of them. I realised I didn’t do one for Ha Long Bay though and would try to work on it once I’m in the mood.


I figured I would be able to continue smoothly from there and update at least twice a week. I was really geared on to finish all our Vietnam posts (20 over posts) because I’m embarrassed that it’s so long overdue. However, I underestimated the toils of waking up at 6 plus a.m. every day to send my child to Primary 1. I like to stay up late and write in the wee-hours of the night, so this totally throw me off my schedule and leaves me groggy for the whole day. I had to take care of his lunch when he comes back from school too and started cooking more dinner meals.

As it was a new experience for our family, I found it more exciting to blog about our weekly daily moments in our personal family blog and about his school learning. I started writing more articles there than here.

Time passed and it was February. We celebrated Chinese New Year, enjoyed the long weekend, I didn’t feel well for two three weeks and then… it was March.

I realised I had only posted two articles in the whole of February! Oops…

Where did my determination to finish all articles on Vietnam in Jan & Feb go?  =.=”

I was still glad for support even though I blogged much less. The stats for Jan & Feb 2015 were:

Jan – Sessions: 7,163   |  Users: 4,933      |   Page Views: 16,034

Feb – Sessions: 5,722   |   Users: 3,975     |   Page Views: 13,689

As expected, pages views has dropped significantly due to less frequent updates but the numbers are still better than two years ago in 2013. *grateful for that.

What’s up from now on ?

So we had a plan for this year 2015. We could only travel now during my son’s school holidays or maybe during long weekends. In fact, we seldom utilise long weekends since we prefer to travel for a longer period to make full use of the plane tickets.

March Holidays were out as Vin is on reservist. Due to financial constraints and many considerations for destination, we decided to focus fully on just one vacation and go for a really long holiday in December (like 2 weeks).

Plan: We started saving in Jan for this major trip in December.

Come February: The plan failed. A change is happening and we would need to use the money for other purposes. We would also be welcoming a major change in December so it would not be right for travel.

Therefore, the three of us might just go for really short nearby trips or none at all for this year.

Directions for the Blog

Since we are not going anywhere much, I decided to start focusing on the ‘outings’ we did in our own country. Yes, we do explore our own country too as we love going outings as a family and visiting places of interest! In fact, we blogged about it very often in our family blog to distinguish from these overseas trips.

However, we need to keep this travel blog ‘alive’ until we find the time to travel out of the country. The best way is therefore to start writing about the places we explored here in Singapore too.

Though Singapore is a small country and a lot of places had been blogged numerous times by bloggers, I felt we could still offer a little bit of our perspectives. The places and events we are interested in are often natural, cultural and historical, so our experiences on it might be different from others.

There are a lot of places we hadn’t explored in Singapore even though we live here. I hope this would motivate us to go more places as a family.

All this said, I do hope to complete the Vietnam Posts first before we start on a new series.

Will try my best to work on it soon!

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