Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 1- Cooking Class

Travel Period: 21 Sep – 28 Sep 2014

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Hanoi Day 5 Itinerary –

I was never particularly interested in cooking classes or demonstrations but hey, since we were already there on a cruise with nowhere to go, guess there’s no harm taking a look?

We waited around after taking photographs of the sunset, where staff started arranging seats in front of a table with everything set up nicely. They were really efficient!


There were already quite a number of participants seated at the front rows and awaiting for the session to start. I guess like us, people would be more willing to participate in the planned activities during a cruise and furthermore, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a cooking class surrounded by the gorgeous scenery!

Soon, the chef began the session by informing us that the topic for today’s lesson is making fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! We loved eating them since we first tried it at Hanoi! Yummy!

The chef proceeded to demonstrate how to prepare the spring roll, entertaining us with some jokes, before asking for volunteers to try wrapping the spring rolls themselves.


“Daddy! Please volunteer!” I felt a nudge from Dar as he whispered to me excitedly.

I couldn’t refuse such a request from our dear son so I raised my arm high up and got selected to go to the front. Guess my original plan to hide in the background throughout the session failed. ^^|

Taking the ingredients and placing them on the rice paper, I started folding it as demonstrated, trying my best to ensure it *did* look like a spring roll. Luckily, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and soon completed the task (whether it looked as nice as those made by the chef is another matter ^^). Dar stood beside me and watched the entire process.


He then gathered all the prepared spring rolls and placed them in a hot pan to be fried. They sure looked delicious and we couldn’t wait to ‘sample’ them!


Fortunately, they made sure there were enough to go around for all the participants. We soon experienced the best part of the cooking class — food tasting! And Sure enough, the spring rolls tasted as great as they looked! *drools*

I will be sure to participate in such activities next time too!