Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 1 – Swim in Bay

Travel Period: 21 Sep – 28 Sep 2014

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Hanoi Day 5 Itinerary –

To Vung Ha Beach for a Swim

As meticulous travelers, we made sure we always had the cruise schedule at the back of our heads; we wouldn’t want to miss the interesting activities that were lined up for us!

Knowing that the private beach (Vung Ha Beach) excursion would be next, we got ourselves geared up for a good swim and waited for the announcements.

Right on the dot, the announcements came and requested us to gather at the lobby, where a tug boat would bring us to the private beach. Just when we were about the make our way there, we encountered some unexpected delay and missed the ride. Fortunately, the staff came to our assistance and we could board another boat over to the beach!

It was a short but memorable ride as we cruised further from our ship, allowing us to admire the grand exterior of our accommodation for the next few days. Thanks to the calm waters, the ride was smooth and we soon arrived at the private beach, where most of our shipmates were already enjoying themselves basking under the sun.

Not wanting to waste more time, we swiftly found an empty spot and placed the provided towels down. Dar and I then quickly headed to the waters and soaked ourselves in the sea, while Cat rested on the sandy beach and helped take photos.

It was then we started to examine our picturesque surroundings. It is not often we could enjoy a swim amidst such magnificent view of this part of the Ha Long Bay, overseeing the mountains above the waters. Since this was a private beach, we were able to have a more secluded and idyllic experience.

The sand was powdery white, filled with pebbles and seashells…

Dar was especially excited and we had fun in the waters together, soaking in our holiday moods given such beautiful landscape.

Good times passed quickly though (we were late so we only enjoyed it for a while), and the staff started to ask the guests to take their personal belongings and board the boat back to our ship. Not in a hurry, we waited for the boat to return from its first trip before packing up and boarding the boat back.

Heading Back

This was a short but memorable stay at this small private beach. A couple chose to kayak around and back to the boat.

The Au Co Cruise looking magnificent in the setting sun…

Showering after we got back, we went up to the top deck again to watch the sunset while waiting for the cooking demonstration to start.

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