Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 2 – BBQ Night

Travel Period: 21 Sep – 28 Sep 2014

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Hanoi Day 6 Itinerary –

Returning to our room after kayaking, we waited for around 2 hours for the BBQ feast to begin at night. By that time, we were tired from the physical activities we had done during the day and I felt a little hungry since the lunch wasn’t much.

Tired of waiting in the room and getting hungry, Vin went up to the deck with Dar and found them setting up the items for the BBQ buffet. Looking at the arrangement, we were surprised. How did they bring so many furnitures and dining wares up to the deck, from the dining room in such a short time? 

They went back to the room again where I had fallen asleep. A while later, Vin woke me up telling me that the feast finally started and we proceeded to the top deck, where they brought us to our seats at the far corner. It was far from the BBQ area and smoke so we didn’t mind, even though taking the food items would require some walk.

A long table full of food was placed in the middle of the deck with a large variety of food and freshly cut fruits! I really can’t imagine the amount of effort needed to do these…no wonder they needed so much time to prepare for our dinner.

Equally amazing beside the attractive foods, were the decorations carved from vegetables or fruits!

After settling down, Vin went for the BBQ items first and brought back interesting meat and seafood on skewers. There were also BBQ corn and potato.

BBQ Chicken wing, grilled prawns and squid were especially nice while the pork meat were too hard. Too bad we didn’t appreciate oysters and cockles, so we didn’t try them at all.

Dar could finally stand it no more since he didn’t nap and chose to sleep at this time! We forced him to eat even though he just want to sleep, since there would be no more food for him after this. Once he rested for a while and ate some, he was slightly better.

The Japanese couple was sitting beside our table so we started chatting with them while dining. I tried some of the fried rice, savoury stuff and fruits which was nice, but not fantastic. I remembered we didn’t eat much even though I was quite hungry before. I think I was too tired to fully enjoy the dinner. Especially, the big tour group were quite noisy with someone singing some songs. None of us small couple groups appreciate that, because it would have been nicer to dine softly under the stars…The European couple actually left early because they couldn’t stand it. ^_^”

As we couldn’t eat anymore, we just stood around admiring the night scene with some other cruise lines parked around us.

Tomorrow would be our last day on the Cruise where we would head back to Hanoi. 

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