Ha Long Bay Cruise – Staying in the Au Co

Travel Period: 21 Sep – 28 Sep 2014

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Hanoi Day 5 Itinerary –

Boarding the Cruise

Boarding the Au Co Cruise Ship, we were allocated a room at the end of a long walkway. Before opening the door, I thought it would be small, like how cruise ships’ rooms usually are. To our surprise, the room was huge! I realised it’s because it was a room right at the back of the ship with a corner, unlike others (We peeked into others and theirs weren’t so big). I think it’s because we had Dar with us, so we were given a bigger room. 

I love the reddish wooden interior and traditional oriental design. The bathroom was quite spacious too, with a flush toilet at one end and a shower area at the other. Toiletries and towels were provided. We had brought along our own bathing lotions but end up using theirs because they were of high quality.

The next thing we did immediately was to step out into the balcony area to look at the scenery. Deck chairs were provided but I doubt we would be sitting outside. We rather go to the top deck of the ship if we want to look at the surrounding scenery.

For the rest of the days, when we were not out for activities, we were holed up in the cool air-conditioned room, away from the scorching sun (It’s Sep, hot weather). The bed was extremely comfy. As the bed isn’t king size, it would be cramped if the three of us sleep together. Thus, we requested another bedding set (quilt blanket, pillow) to place it on the sofa sitting area at the side (look at the pic). It’s enough space for Dar’s size, even though it’s not as soft. He would take his afternoon nap on the bed when we are not using.

We took a walk around the ship immediately and marvelled at the architecture. I just love the wooden deco and oriental design so much! The lounge area is so comfy and we sit there sometimes.

The Upper Deck where there was a bar for free drinks (coffee/tea) and purchase of alcoholic drinks. This was a sheltered area and was often filled with the group of Australian tourists with us. Thus, we didn’t have much chance to sit there. Vin went up for some tea once though.

The top deck was not sheltered and offered a lovely view of the surroundings. We went up to it after our room tour which I would elaborate on my next post.

The lovely exterior of the Au Co Cruise Ship – our stay for 2 nights in Ha Long Bay. We learnt later that this ship is quite new, only about 2-3 years old.

(Look at the pic) Our room is there on the first floor, right where they store the blue kayaks. An Australian couple staying in the room opposite ours complained about the loud engine noise and the sound of anchor moving up and down. They couldn’t sleep well. We could hear it too but wasn’t bothered. Due to the day & night activities, we were so tired by the time we hit the bed and slept through.

We really love our room stay in the luxurious Au Co Cruise and it was a good bargain as we paid much lesser. (not sure why we were upgraded but it might be due to low peak season)


AMOUNT PAID:  Bhaya 3 Days 2 Nights Adventure Cruise: $800 USD ( 2 Nights). Our hotel stay in Vietnam helped us to book it.

  • Full-board dining; meals and activities all inclusive. Plain Water / Tea /Coffee complimentary. Pay for Beer and Fruit Juices.
  • Break-down – 2 Adults: $590 USD total and Kid: $210 USD
  • NOTE: We were upgraded to the Au Co Cruise on arrival which is a more luxurious cruise of the Bhaya Cruise company.

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