Ha Long Bay Cruise – The Gorgeous Scenery of Ha Long Bay

Travel Period: 21 Sep – 28 Sep 2014

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First Sight of Ha Long Bay Scenery

After exploring our room, we were told to go for our lunch at the middle deck. The lunch was delicious and an eye opener! More in the next post.

Almost everyone went back to their rooms to rest after the heavy lunch, but we walked out of the dining room to look at the surrounding scenery instead. How could we sleep when we hadn’t seen the gorgeous scenery we came for?

The ship started picking up speed and headed towards our destination, a private beach. It was so nice to feel the sea breeze and watched the approaching islets of limestones. Those dreamy misty structures afar are what makes Ha Long Bay a UNESCO site and what we were here for.

(Info from Wiki: The limestones had gone through 500 million years of formation and the evolution of the landscape(Karst) in this bay has taken 20 million years under the impact of the tropical wet climate) 

Dar kept peeping over the railing to look at the waters, hoping to see something. Nope, we couldn’t spot any fish or creatures.

We took a family picture with our Gorillapod propped on a nearby table. The wind was blowing my hair crazily around.

Scenery from the Top Deck of The Au Co

Close up of a nice limestone rock formation!

This scene is so pretty, especially with that little fishing boat! Yup, I get excited over sceneries of mountains, rocks like that…probably because I’m an artistic person and I love nature. I’m glad Vin shared the same interests too. Dar has learnt to appreciate it since we kept bringing him to such places.

It’s exactly why I made Ha Long Bay my bucket list destination. To view all these pretty sceneries while cruising and take photographs of them. Those who dislike sceneries would just be saying, “What’s so great about a piece of rock (and many later)?” Haha.

We could sit on the deck and look at all these whole day… IF only it wasn’t soooo hot! Yes, it was mid-afternoon and the sun was mercilessly scorching us. Even though the wind was quite strong, our skin felt like they were burning after some time…

We could not sit for long and had to retreat into our room to wait for the announcement to go to the private beach.

Sceneries on other days of our three days cruise: 

Love the misty feel as if we were wandering into some mysterious land… 

The waters were calm as we cruised and the cruise ship was moving at a very slow pace, hence we hardly felt any rocky water movements. Walking along the deck actually felt like we were walking on land. I guess a big sturdy cruise ship has its advantages compared to the original Bhaya cruise that we wanted to book, which looked more like a traditional junk.

Pictures really can’t describe the feeling of being there. So serene, so calm…as if your worries would all melt away. Make it one of your destination in your lifetime!

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