June 2015: Blogging Singapore Places and Events

As mentioned in my March blog updates post, we will be starting to share our explorations in our home country, Singapore, in this travel blog (previously, such articles were on our family blog which I had stopped blogging about since last year).

Maybe these posts would not be as useful since the Internet is already saturated with such local blogs about the same places and events. It is also more from a family point of view as we visit places suitable for our child. That was why I was hesitant at first because others might not be that interested when they know the places so well (Most of our blog visitors are from Singapore).

However, I tend to forget that my objective of starting this blog was to record our family memories during our explorations of a new place/events together. As the memories start fading, I’m worried I would not remember as much details in the future when I need them for my printed photobooks.

I blog mostly to record memories and print our outings as a Photo Scrapbook (photos + text ), sharing with the public at the same time…
Three books I made from our Europe Trip. Some other travel and outing books still in progress…Currently, working on “Austria Hallstatt”

Also, I felt we could still offer a little bit of our perspectives as a family of three. The places and events we are interested in are often natural, cultural, artistic and historical, so our experiences on them might be different from others.

Even though Singapore is small in terms of country size, there are a lot of places we hadn’t even set foot in, because we are busy with our everyday lives. Therefore, we are often “tourists” in our own country too. I hope through blogging, it would motivate us to go more places as a family.

These stories would be a wonderful documentation of fun we shared while exploring, when time elapsed and we look back…

Things I will be sharing:

  • Singapore Places : Natural, Cultural, New, Historical, Educational
  • Singapore Events : They may only be for a day or a few weeks. It may also be over by the time I blogged so it’s more for remembrance.

Look out for these posts and follow our explorations! ^_^

In Other News:

We went to Legoland Malaysia recently at the beginning of the June Holidays, staying in Legoland Hotel. Will be updating the blog with three posts on it.

*Meanwhile, I’m still continuing with the Vietnam Hanoi posts…so they will be alternating with these local posts.


  1. Grace June 27, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Dear Cat,

    I love developing photos from my vacations 🙂 May I find out which photobook shop do you patronise?


    1. Cat June 28, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      Hello Grace,
      for Photobooks, I always order from Photobook Singapore, a company based in Malaysia so there’s a shipping fee involved below a certain amount. I had been using them since 2009. Love their quality and it takes less than/about a week to get the printed book.

      1. Grace July 1, 2015 at 10:03 pm

        Thank you Cat!
        May I find out which photo book do you recommend for holiday photos? I am new to photo books 🙂

        1. Cat July 2, 2015 at 3:26 pm

          I start with their ‘Readybooks’ for easier scrapping, then modify from there.
          Those in the photo in this blog are made using this:
          Readybook – 11″ x 8″ – medium landscape — under ‘Travel Category’ – “Summer Explorer“. This is the most versatile and the one I always use.
          You could also use others depending on the theme of your photos. like
          Going places” – you just have to insert the photos if you are lazy to customise.

          Oh Ya, always enter their PROMO code (every month different things/ sizes) to get big discounts. I never pay the full price.
          For those big trips, I prefer to do my own photo scrapbook layout and put them into 11×11 books.

          1. Grace July 3, 2015 at 5:29 pm

            Thank you for the advice Cat!

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