Singapore Event: Interplay Exhibition at Science Centre

“Interplay: Where Science meets Arts” is an interactive exhibition featuring 21 exhibits by international and local artists at Science Centre Singapore, in collaboration with Austria digital media institution ARS Electronica. Visitors will be able to experience a series of interactive exhibits that bring to life concepts such as space, shadows and time, making use of science to portray them in an artistic sense and beauty.



Science Centre Singapore is very accessible via public transport. We took the MRT to Jurong East MRT Station and took a short 10-minute to walk there from Jurong East Central.


1. Be In Awe by the Beautiful Displays

Upon entering the exhibition hall, we were immediately mesmerized by the colorful and mystical display titled ‘Kinetic Light Sculpture’ – a beautiful display of thin streaks of lights that are constantly changing in colours and shapes as they danced rapidly from the floor eight metres up towards the ceiling.


Instead of just being a bystander and watching its beauty, we could alter the colours by choosing the various patterns on an LED panel just in front of the exhibit. It’s amazing how something so captivating and beautiful could be controlled with simple touches on a digital screen — These are the wonders when science and technology come together with arts, which was the heart of this ‘Interplay’ exhibition!


2. Interaction Using Our Bodies

Just behind the ‘Kinetic Light Sculpture’ was the ‘Shadowgram’ exhibit, where a big white screen stood with light shining brightly onto it.

“Welcome! Please come over and stand in front of the white screen!” A friendly staff invitingly said as she spotted us wandering about.

As we walked and stood there as instructed, our shadows were cast on the white screen. With the help of a digital screen in front of us, we could see how our shadows looked like so that we could adjust shifting our poses to get the silhouettes that we preferred.

So what followed next? A snapshot was taken and a short moment later, a vinyl sticker with our outlines cut out was printed. We just needed to peel the portions outside our silhouettes to get the final sticker we wanted. What a great way to get a memento for the exhibition!


In fact, we were so impressed with the printout that we decided to pose for another, which the staff agreed to immediately. That wasn’t anyone queuing behind us so they were alright with our request. ^^

Other exhibits which required us to move were ‘Digital Puppetry’ where we used post-it pads to disguise ourselves by moving it close to our bodies and ‘Game Border’ which combined game consoles of all eras and allowed the game character to ‘jump’ from one console to another!



3. Enter Into Another World

This has to be my favourite exhibit; It’s so engaging and mystifying that I had wanted to go for a second round. Alas, time wasn’t on our side so I had to be contented with our first and only experience. Nevertheless, it had already left a deep impression in all of us.

So what is this exhibit that is so great and exciting (at least to me)? It’s called ‘Deep Space’ (Even its name is so intriguing ^^), a series of 2D/3D shows, most remarkable being the 3D ocean and the outer space shows.

Before entering the theater, we were invited to create a customized ocean creature using a digital panel just outside the entrance, since there were still 10 minutes before the next show. We let Dar take the lead and he used the base of a dolphin to create his own cute sea creature! We were told that we would even be seeing it appearing in the show later on. How cool that would be!


We then entered the theater and awaited for the show to begin. We were given 3D glasses (very sturdy and suitable even for people wearing glasses) which would be used during some of animations (some were 2D while others were 3D).

Our first 3D animation was the “Ocean show” and the children were invited to go down into the ‘ocean’ to explore and find their own creations. Wow, we were impressed that the host encouraged interactivity and got us (especially Dar) really excited! We thus went down to the ocean floor in search for Dar’s ‘dolphin’, but was disappointed initially as we couldn’t see any trace of it.


Fortunately, the mischievous little bugger appeared later on and we quickly pointed it out to Dar, who subconsciously reacted by reaching his hands to touch it! This showed how realistic the experience was!


Yet the best part was when the space show started, where we begun with an aerial view of the world and our small island of Singapore. From there, things got really exciting as we rose higher into the air until we were out of the clouds and atmosphere, and the majestic planetary view of Earth came into our view, in full 3D virtual reality! That was really a ‘WOW’ moment for us, when we suddenly felt like we were astronauts manning the space station orbiting around Earth. It’s really a dream come true for space enthusiasts!


The host had full control over where she wanted to bring us for a tour, so she brought us to Saturn and invited our children to stand on the rings over the planet. We also had the honor to check out our Milky Way and visited several of the constellations!



The only sad thing was, the show was then over before we could explore more of space, especially the planets of our Solar System. Personally, I would have preferred the show consisted of just this space show (it’s called ‘Deep Space’ anyway) and they could do away with the other filler animation shows.

4. Laugh at Ourselves

‘Recollection Six’ and ‘Temporal Distortion’ were two of the exhibits which Dar had most fun with, both of them using the images of our bodies to create artistic and often hilarious replicas of ourselves! It was non-stop entertainment and we just couldn’t stop laughing at the funny antics that resulted from these two exhibits!

‘Recollection Six’ captured our silhouettes and movements and then reproduced them with various colours and forms on the large white screen in front of us. Dar just couldn’t stop running to and fro while he amused himself with the imagery on the screen as a result of his actions.


As for ‘Temporal Distortion’, it reminded us of five distorting mirrors that we used to see in carnivals, only this time that these ‘mirrors’ were actually digital screens. The five cameras mounted beside each of these mirrors recorded our images at real-time and then recreated them on the screens, each with their own effects! The left-most mirror kept us entertained (and laughing) the most, when our actions were repeatedly reenacted at turbo speed, resulting in some really hilarious animations of ourselves! ^^|


5. Be Creative

At the ‘Sandbox Ocean’, we could create mountains and oceans with living organism using sand,


and at ‘Ideogenetic Machine’, we could take several pictures of ourselves which would randomly combine with pictures from the artist, forming our comic book. We tried three times and made three funny comic stories.


All in all, the exhibits were so much fun that we were reluctant to leave, and words can only do so much to describe the fantastic experiences we got from them!

Other Exhibits We Had Fun With:

Other Fun We Had!


For More Information, Check the Official Website.

Location: 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Interplay’ exhibition runs from 30 May to 16 August 2015.
Ticket Price for the Exhibition: $13 for Adults and Senior Citizens, $9 for Child between 3 to 12 years old. Combo tickets (with Science Centre or Omni-Theatre entry) are available and can be inquired at the ticket counters.
Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East MRT Station. Take a short walk towards and past the Jurong East Community Library.