Singapore Event: SEA Games Carnival

Singapore is hosting the South-East Asian Games for 11 Countries for two weeks from 5th – 16th of June 2015. This is after a 22-year long hiatus and coincides with Singapore celebrating its 50th year of independence.

We participated in the fringe event, the SEA Games Carnival, located just outside the National Stadium and the Kallang Wave Mall at the Singapore Sports Hub.



It was convenient to go to the Singapore Sports Hub as we took the MRT to “Stadium MRT” station on the Circle line. Once we stepped out of the station, we could immediately see the entrance to the SEA Games Carnival.



1. Take Pictures with the Mascots and Cosplayers

For a start, we took pictures with the various “Mascots Stands” around. There were also two “Balloon Guards” and two Cosplayers around.



2. Get a “Game Pass” to Participate in Activities

The Registration counter is right behind a building, next to the huge Nila Balloon which everybody is taking a picture of (see pic above), so you wouldn’t miss it.

We walked up to the admin staff, wrote our details on a piece of paper and got two Game Passes each for Vin and Dar (I didn’t get one). All activities are free.

Meanwhile, to be refreshed from the heat, take a walk through the “Cool Zone” by Daikin. Water mist rained on us and Dar was so fascinated. The mascot was there but we didn’t take a picture.


3.  Participate in the Activities & Be Prepared to Queue

Activities We Tried:

  • At Junior Zone for Kids


IF you have a child, walk over to the Junior PlayZone located at the far end of the Carnival. There are bouncy floats, a ball hunting activity, a bouncy giant slide, flying dunk and mountain climbing activity.  There are even Art & Crafts for children do some colouring.

Even if Vin were not participating, as long as he was in the queue with Dar, he was given a stamp chop as well. However, he forgot to get stamps for the “Sports try out” later so we only redeemed one gift.

“Giant Slide”

This was something new which Dar has not encountered before, so we picked it as the first activity to do. The queue was super long but we endured on. Fortunately, it was evening so we were just warmed but not scorched under the sun. Due to the queue, he was only allowed one time down the slide. It was funny to see him tumbling down at the last part. He finished it with a big smile and said he enjoyed it.


“Sports Bouncer”

Dar tried this bouncing activity too which was just for fun and had no stamps to redeem. Each group of kids goes in with a time limit and once the time’s up, they have to stop and come down.


“Ball Hunting”

He was in there with 9 other kids, playing and tossing the balls while we waited outside until the time limit’s up. Not too sure about the fun factor. I think they are supposed to hunt for “mysterious hidden objects” but everybody forgot once they saw the colourful balls.

  • Middle Zone for the Sports Try Out

In the middle zone of the Carnival just outside the Kallang Wave Mall, was the “Sports Try Out” where there was “Zorb Bowling”, “Hockey Golf” and “Pool Soccer”. A fun activity was also here, called “Mega Boxing”, where participants wear mega gloves and try to box each other on an inflatable platform. It was funny to watch.

“Hockey Golf”

Each participant was given two balls to hit. I guided him a little on the proper handling of the hockey stick and Dar hit one into the hole on his first try! Everybody around clapped for him. He didn’t succeed subsequently though but it was great for him to try out how hockey is like, combined with golf.


“Pool Soccer”

This was a long wait in the queue as it was difficult for very young children (some toddlers) to kick the balls into the “pool table”. We had no choice but to wait patiently. One is to treat it like a pool game, using the white ball to hit the red and yellow balls into the holes, except the balls are soccer balls and we are to use our feet. Dar did not kick too well and had a hard time manoeuvring too.


Other Activities:


This was interesting where the participants got to walk through white starchy matter on water. It looks messy however and we did not want to waste time cleaning up after.


5. Redeem a Memento after 5 stamps!

After this, we finally obtained all our five stamps, head to the Redemption Building (also next to Giant Balloon Nila) and got our Badge. By this time, we were tired and famished as it was already past our dinner time. Queuing for each activities took such a long while.

This was our Memento:


6. Watch the Outdoor Concert Performances 

Meanwhile, while waiting, there was an outdoor concert which started around 7.30pm and end at 9pm with rock groups or individual performers. The sound was deafening and we need to shout at each other to talk. During an interaction segment, some members of the audience were also asked to do a dance on stage. Each segment was entertaining if you could stay to watch. I was watching it while queuing up for the pool soccer.


7. Visit Splash N Surf, above Kallang Wave Mall. 

*Note: It’s closed on 13, 15 & 16 June though.

Location: Walk further down the stretch of National Stadium, nearer to OCBC Aquatic Centre

Since it was our first time at the Singapore Sports Hub, we didn’t know a FREE waterplay area for kids exist on the same level as the National Stadium, outdoors. When we explored and walked there, it looks so fun that Dar decided he need to come back again to try it.

There are four slides to play with and a roundabout buckets for toddlers.


“Too bad we didn’t bring swimming costume…”he said sadly. What was nice was, there was even a kids pool for some swimming fun at 0.5m deep. Shower facilities are available too.

We asked the lifeguards and they said, it’s opened from 8am until 10pm at night and the “Lazy River” (1.0m depth) is FREE too for this period of the Carnival (normally, $2 per entry but unlimited play). The height limit is 120cm. Yeah! Dar is eligible as he is slightly over the mark. I didn’t know his height until we measured and wow…since when has he grown so tall?

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After dinner in the foodcourt at Kallang Wave Mall, we went up to the Third Level by escalator and walked to the National Stadium. It was closed but we took a sneak peak.


SEA Games Cauldron

When we watched the Opening Ceremony on television on Friday Night, we were very impressed with the torch relay and final lighting of the SEA Games cauldron. Therefore, we specially sought it out to take pictures with it.


Giant Nila 

There is another Nila Mascot on top of a stair-cased area which is great for photo-taking.


We left the place around 10pm, glad to have explored the Singapore Sports Hub at the same time. We were only there at 6:18pm and the Carnival ends at 9pm so it was not possible to take part in all the activities. Even so, we had great fun for a few hours!

There are still 6 more days to the event. Do go and participate if you can!



Event Happening from: 31st May to 16th June

Official Website: 28th SEA Games Carnival

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