Singapore Event: ArtScience Dreamworks Animation

We love anything to do with marine creatures and “The Deep” got us interested for a visit to ArtScience Museum. In the same week, Dreamworks Animation started an exhibition and we are fans of their animations too! Thus, we spent the entire afternoon going to three exhibitions in a package, including the “Prudential Singapore Eye Exhibition” and had a fruitful learning time!



Art Science Museum is located next to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The nearest MRT station is Bayfront MRT station (CE1, Exit B, C, D, E) along the Circle Line Extension.


The exhibition is divided into three areas, “Characters”, “Story” and “World”. Each section introduces us to the development of animation, from having an original idea to producing a fully animated feature film. We get to see some of the most iconic animated films in the last twenty years.

Section 1 – “Character”

1. Clay Figurines

On entering the exhibition, we were first impressed with the display of Animation Clay Figurines. They were so well-made with delicate features.

We noticed many interesting films that we had not seen before but heard about. It gave us an idea to search for those animations to watch with Dar. Vin quickly noted down the film names on his handphone.


Dar is familiar with the more recent animations, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek, as he had watched it with us before.


2. Original Concept Drawings & Stop Animation Display

There were also displays of original concept drawings and sketches which I’m interested in.


Both of us like this display of Wallace and Gromit, a famous stop-animation in our time. It’s very difficult to produce a stop-animation with clay figures! We admire the hard work and details involved.


Section 2 – “Story”

Original Storyboard to Animated Story

This section explores the process of creating the narrative of a film.

The creation of the original storyboard, to animated storyboard, to final animation was the most interesting to us. There were also large-scale beautiful dioramas of How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Dar love Mr. Peabody the most and was glued to the screen showing bits of the animation. I was watching most of  the “Kung Fu Panda”, comparing the black & white story scenes to the final animation. Such an interesting process!


Section 3 – “World”

This section focuses on the complex and magical environments in the animation films. Things such as landscapes, lighting and sound effects. Without beautiful background landscapes, the animation would not be so wonderful to look at.

1. Displays of Landscapes/ Background Art




2. Watch A Short Footage in a 180-degree theatre

We were very impressed with this immersive theatre where visitors could lie down on soft cushions on the floor or sit on a low bench. As we settled down, we were treated to a never-seen-before footage from How to Train Your Dragon. With the surround screen and sound effects, it brought us into the show, as if we were the ones flying the dragon and sailing the air. Highly recommended!

3. Detailed Models of Settings Used in Animation

We were in awe of these two landscapes settings and stood for a while to admire. One is the “Isle of Berk” from How to Train Your Dragon and the other is the “Far Far Away Castle” from Shrek.



1. Interactive for Visitors – Digital Face Poser

This was an interactive computer where we could change the facial expressions of popular Animation characters such as “Po” from Kung Fu Panda or “Hiccup” from How to Train Your Dragon” It showed how animators create expressions and bring them to life.


2. Create a Flip Book Animation & Thaumatrope

There were two fun activities for visitors. Dar made his own Flip Book where flipping sheets of paper would produce a continuous animation.


He needed our help to tear the strips out but he tore the rest by himself and assembled them. They were finally fastened with a metal clip for us to “flip” to see the animated pictures.

Another activity was to make a Thaumatrope, a disc with two images on each side. When turned rapidly, the two images combine to form a single image.


3. Be an Animation Background Designer

Dar could pretend he’s an animation background designer, selecting different backgrounds and lighting for the environments in Animations.


4. Create Your Own Animation

In this last section before exiting the exhibition, we could draw and animate our drawings. Dar drew his favourite ship, Titanic, and we helped him animate by copying several drawings along the timeline and deleting/adding certain parts to those drawings. Upon playback, the consecutive drawings became an animation.




For More Information, Check the Official Website.

Location:  ArtScience Museum /6 Bayfront Ave, 018974
Entry: Daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm, Including public holidays, Last admission at 6:00pm
*SG50 Celebrations: From 7 to 9 August, Singaporeans and Permanent residents can enjoy FREE admission to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.
Ticket Price In a Package: $20 for Adults (Singaporeans & PRs)/$14 for Child, for visiting ALL three exhibitions (Dreamworks Animation, The Deep and Prudential Singapore Eye),
Nearest MRT Station: Bayfront MRT station along the Circle Line Extension.

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