Feb 2016: New Year

Apologies for being missing in action for so long!

I hadn’t found the time and mood to update this blog after June last year. After the dream works post, I wrote about our visit to the Deep and the Biodiversity post (but didn’t publish until recently) and had many “grand plans” of updating our local trips to different places and events.

Those plans were quickly shelved when time was tight. When Term 3 in school started last year, I got busy as I had to tutor Dar in his school work and another student.

Also, I hadn’t shared this news. I found out about my pregnancy after Chinese New Year last year and gave birth to a baby girl in October. Therefore, I stopped writing too because I entered the third trimester of pregnancy and had a tough time dealing with pregnancy issues. I ended up working on completing photo projects and our family blog, with no time for this travel blog

With a newborn baby who is almost four months old, life is still very busy. However, I dislike not finishing things I had started, so I would make it a commitment to finish the posts I had drafted long ago. Like the new local places we visited last year, the Vietnam trip we took in 2014 , the Legoland trip last year…I wish to clear them slowly and steadily within a short span of time. No more dragging into another year! That would be horrid.

If you are waiting patiently for the Vietnam posts, they will come! Well, I try…Many thanks for the patience and reading our blogs.

As this place serves as a holding place for our trip memories, the posts need not be current for us to recap. I do hope readers of our blog would not mind seeing outdated posts…

Coming up next….Will be updating with our recent trip to the River Hongbao. Though the event is over, I felt it could be an intro to this special event that occurs annually, for those who hadn’t been to it.

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