Legoland Malaysia: Day 1 Water Park

Travel Period : June 2015

“Is the coach here yet?” Dar asked impatiently, as we sat at The Big Box awaiting for the transport to bring us to Legoland Malaysia. He was not the only one wondering where the coach had gone, as it was already past our original pick-up time.

We had taken a Legoland Hotel and theme parks package with a tour agency during the start of the June Holidays. The coach bus would bring us there and back for our 2 days 1 night trip.

Calling the number given to us when we booked the trip, the person could only tell us that the driver was on the way and would be slightly late due to heavy traffic on the expressway.


When the coach finally arrived, the consolation was that it was comfy and the three of us could choose to sit side-by-side due to its seat layout.


After leaving the customs, it took us only 15 minutes to arrive at Legoland Malaysia. The roads were smooth flowing with little traffic, especially so since it was a weekday morning. Despite already visited Legoland Deutschland two years ago, visiting the Water Park here would still be a refreshing experience since this is the only Legoland to be equipped with this.

Though we have already seen pictures and read reviews about the Legoland Hotel and its lobby, we were still very excited upon arriving. This is especially so for Dar, who wasted no time pounding onto the piles of Lego bricks and started building stuff while I queued up at the Reception Counter.


As the hotel’s check-in time is 4pm, we were expecting to leave our luggage by the reception while we headed for our Water Park visit. Fortunately, we were granted early check-in (sometimes it helps to just request for it) since there was still an available room! Yeah! This would save us trouble in sorting out our baggage for the Water Park! ^^

We decided to put the Water Park as our priority, since as mentioned above, this would be our first trip to a Lego-themed water park and we believed we should head for it for the first day while the weather was still dry. If we were to only go there on the second day and it happened to be a wet day, then we wouldn’t be able to do anything at the Water Park (whereas at the Legoland Theme Park, there will still be sheltered indoor activities available).

Thanks to our early check-in, we no longer had to worry about leaving our luggage at the hotel lobby (they do provide such service). We thus changed our clothes and brought only the essentials for our Water Park trip!

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‘LG2’ — The button I pressed in the disco-lighted lift, which represents ‘Lower Ground 2′ that has direct access to both the Water Park and Legoland Theme Park. How convenient it is for the hotel to be designed this way (Note to Legoland: A sheltered walkway to the parks’ entrances would be really helpful too)!

Our 2-day Combo Pass that came with our 2D1N Hotel stay entitles us to unlimited re-entries to any of the two parks for two days, so we had the flexibility to do park hopping if needed.

Legoland Water Park



Upon entering the Water Park, there is a flight of stairs leading up to the Lockers and Showers area. I feel that this is a good design since we could rent a locker here and store our things before getting wet.


Small locker rental goes for RM20 per day while Big lockers go for RM40. Both allow for unlimited usage for the day, which is a very useful feature and we ended up accessing our locker multiple times for drinks, money and camera. The size of the small locker should be sufficient for most visitors, as it could nicely fit our carry-on bag, DSLR camera bag and waist pouch. Of course, there’s always the Big (or should I say HUGE) lockers available too!

We kept our slippers and sandals on, as there are shoe racks conveniently placed at the various attractions in the Water Park. There’s no way we would be walking around from place to place barefooted under the hot sun; that would be as good as walking on hot coal! ^^|


The strong sun rays were beaming down at us as noon had arrived, prompting us to start off our trip with lunch first. We were also starting to feel hungry and it would be great to have our energies boosted before our long and physical day ahead!

Lunch in Water Park

Walking out of the lockers area towards the pools, we came across the Beach Restaurant and promptly ordered Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) Combo Sets for Cat and I (MYR28 each), and a Fish Fingers & Chips Combo Set for Dar (MYR18 each).


Despite the high prices, we weren’t complaining as the Nasi Lemak tasted nice, especially when each was well accompanied by a big piece of aromatic and nicely roasted chicken.

“Err… I am full…” Dar remarked softly after some time, even though his plate was still filled with uneaten fries. He had managed to finish most of his fish fingers though.

LOL! Dar must be too eager to get into the water to be able to focus on his eating! He had been waiting for this day since we told him about it a few weeks ago, so it’s no surprise he could no longer contain his excitement to leap into wet fun! ^^

Kids’ Water Playground

And so, we started off our playtime as we headed to the ‘Joker Soaker‘ first, a fun and interactive playground consisting of many slides and water splashing fun!


Dar was as usual, worried over the big tub of water pouring down and would quickly hide far away in the pool after coming down from a slide, until the tub was filled again and splashed down to the excited and anticipating crowd below.

“Dar, it’s just water splashing down, like rainfall or when you are showering. There’s nothing to fear.” I encouraged him. Alas, that didn’t work despite our repeated attempts… Hopefully he would grow to enjoy the splashing fun soon!

The slides were indeed fun and as they are of different heights and types, we could choose the ones that suited our preferences best.

Dar’s Favourite – Lazy River

Just beside the Joker Soaker was the ‘Build-A-Raft‘ aka ‘Lazy River‘, which caught Dar’s attention when he began to feel bored with the water playground. I had described this ride to Dar prior to our trip so he had been looking forward to try that out!


“Hmm… The sun ain’t that bright now, so I guess it’s okay to go to the river now.” I thought, concerned that we could get our skins sun-burnt if we were exposed under the sun for too long, despite us already did the precautions by applying sun block lotions earlier.

It took us a while before we could find ourselves two empty rafts/floats with handles (many had their handles ripped off while most others were occupied). One would be shared between Dar and I, while the other was for Cat (yes, this relaxing ride is suitable for pregnant ladies!). Dar was still too small-sized to be able to sit on the float individually however.

Once we were all seated comfortably (him sitting on me), off we went by the relatively strong current in the river, propelling us along the waterway as we tried to snoop up the large LEGO blocks floating on the river. Instead of trying to build a structure with them onto the raft, we used the blocks as scoops to wet and cool ourselves down.

Like other Lazy Rivers we’ve been, the ride was relaxing and would be pretty fun with good companions. However, we had hoped to find more features along the way, such as man-made waterfalls and sprinkles so it wouldn’t be too monotonous as we floated along the river. It would certainly help to lower our body temperatures as well!


Building Fun at Imagination Station

Two rounds around the river were sufficient for us (well… except for Dar ^^|) and we returned onto dry land. The nearby ‘Imagination Station‘ caught his eyes immediately and with our permission, he quickly headed towards it, already forgetting the unhappiness from his shorter-than-expected raft ride.

Using the DUPLO® bricks available, Dar could build bridges, dams and cities at one of the two stations and test them against the flow of water. Since he was very into boats and ships then, the setup immediately motivated him to start building objects that would flow down with the water current. Unfortunately, the current wasn’t strong, so his structures couldn’t flow down the ramp smoothly. Previous patrons placed bricks in the water wheel and jammed most of the water flow. We thus improvised and had fun pitting against each other to see whose structure would be the first to make it to the lower end of the ramp.

Having tried out these relaxing attractions, we decided to get things a little more exciting as we looked to the distance where long winding slides stood. We were especially attracted to a yellow-and-red slide, which had ‘fat tummies’ and resembled a huge python.


“Let’s go over and take a look at those slides!” Cat said. While Dar was reluctant in fear of the rides, he had no choice but to follow us along as well. ^^

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