Legoland Malaysia: Day 2 Theme Park Part 1

Travel Period : June 2015

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“Rise and Shine!” I exclaimed, as I unveiled the warm and beautiful sun rays peering through the curtains of our Legoland Malaysia Hotel room. “Time to get ready for our wonderful day ahead!”

Although we were still feeling a little tired from yesterday’s Water Park activities, we knew we had to stick to our original schedule to ensure we had enough time to explore Legoland Theme Park, before our coach was to pick us up at 4.15pm.

Promptly finishing our buffet breakfast and packing our luggage, we checked out from the hotel via the Quick Check-out counter and made our way to the theme park via LG2 (Lower Ground 2) floor.


Memories of our Legoland Deutschland visit in Germany surfaced as we neared the iconic entrance, and were preparing to take some photos when a Legoland professional photographer approached us.

“Hi! Can I help you with your photos instead?” He asked enthusiastically, to which we responded by thanking him and handed him our DSLR camera.

“1… 2… 3… Cheese!” *Clicks*

After he returned us our camera, he requested to take another few more photos of us using his own camera. We understood this was his job so we obliged.


With that, we began our journey! We headed towards the right to LEGO® CITY where the Driving School is located. Back when we were in Germany, Dar was under the minimum age limit of 6 and had to give it a miss. Since then, we had been wanting to let him drive in the Driving School and that day had finally arrived!

Expected this to be popular ride, we made this our top priority to avoid long queues. Indeed, Dar only had to wait a while before being ushered into a briefing room to watch a short show on road safety. They then exited to the circuit where the real fun would begin!

Once all the children were seated in their self-picked vehicles, the staff blew the whistle and off the Lego cars went!


As the circuit was large, the drivers wouldn’t feel cramp and are unlikely to knock onto another vehicle, as long as they followed the traffic rules. Through this, Dar was able to appreciate the importance of following rules which would keep everyone safe. He remarked later on that he couldn’t understand what the Malay word ‘BERHENTI’ meant on some signs and we explained that it meant ‘STOP’. ^^

He also remarked that this was more fun than the Junior Driving School ride he took in Germany!

Next up on our plan was the Boating School, which was just a stone’s throw away.


For this ride, our family of three could share a boat and steer around the one-way circuit using the boat’s steering wheel.

“Oops, this is tougher than I thought!” I remarked, and both Cat and Dar agreed as we struggled with the controls.


Unlike driving a vehicle on land, steering a boat required planning the route ahead as we had to steer in advance, so that the boat could gradually turn towards the direction we wanted. We still ended up knocking on the edges at turns, with Dar remarking that we were taking a ‘Bumper Boat’ ride instead! We also had to give up on our ‘wefie’ photo-taking as we were too busy trying to control our boat and not crash! ^^|

After (finally) reaching land, we took a relaxing stroll as we looked for the next ride that would interest us. Dar spotted the Shipyard Playground and wanted to play there, but we had to move on and told him we would return later if we had time. Our priority was to take the rides first while there was still a smaller crowd, so playgrounds could wait.



“There! A fire station!” Dar exclaimed as he spotted the building from afar. I knew it belonged to the Rescue Academy ride, where families could participate in a friendly race to see who could put out the fire first. This was listed as one of the items in our to-do list, so we promptly headed towards the short queue.

Each family or team is assigned to a fire engine, with two levers mounted in it. Once the staff gave the go-ahead signal, we started pumping the engine by repeatedly pushing down and lifting up the levers (just like how a hand car works). The faster we pump, the faster our fire engine would move and reach the fire scene.

Once there, we had to quickly dismount from the vehicle. One person would hold and aim the water hose at the fire in a window, while the other pumped on the fire hydrant so that there was sufficient water pressure for the water hose.


After the ‘fire’ was put out, our job was almost done and we had to head back onto the fire engine, doing the same pumping action to bring us back to our starting point. The first team to return will be the winner! (no prize for winning though, since it’s just a friendly game ^^) It’s really a fun ride where we had the chance to work as a team towards a common goal!

We then walked on while we continued to catch our breath, after our physical activity. We soon reached the Land of Adventure.

Approaching an Egyptian building, we realised it’s the venue for Lost Kingdom, an indoor ride for families where four infrared guns were mounted on each vehicle. As we traveled through the ‘kingdom’, we were to aim our guns’ pointers at the various targets, such as treasure, beetles, spiders etc and shoot them. We could then review our total score at the end, based on the number of targets we hit.


This was similar to the Temple X-pedition ride in Legoland Deutschland, which is also based on an Egyptian backdrop, except that there were only two guns instead of four here. Therefore, there’s no need to share or compete for guns within a team!

Since this is a ride catered for families, it wasn’t a fast nor exciting ride. Yet it offers a fun ride into a Lego-themed Egyptian world, although we were too busy locating and shooting the targets to appreciate the models. ^^|

Exiting the ride, we could see the photo that was taken of us near the end of our ride. At the photo counter, we could make it into a Lego set if we want. In the end however, we decided not to buy it as our photo wasn’t well taken — we were all looking towards the side and our frontal facial features could not be seen. We told ourselves we would return later to ride this again to pose for a better photo (we didn’t fulfill this in the end however, as we were in a rush for time).

TIP: Remember to look up in the direction of the vehicle near the end of your ride to take a nice photo!


There was this ride which promises a very wet experience and after watching the others ‘suffering’ and getting drenched (I believe raincoats could be bought or rented), we decided to give that a miss. For those who are interested, there were also changing/drying rooms available nearby.

Moving on, we arrived at IMAGINATION, another area in Legoland which focuses on creativity and hands-on activities.


It was also here where we boarded the circular Observation Tower, an air-conditioned deck that moves vertically upwards in a slow circular motion so that we could check out Legoland and its surroundings from various viewpoints!


This was a ride which we had missed in Germany, so we were glad to finally go up the tower to have an aerial view of the theme park!


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