Legoland Malaysia: Day 2 Theme Park Part 2

Travel Period : June 2015

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After coming down from the Observation Tower, we started walking towards the Build & Test building and passed by the DUPLO® Playtown, an outdoor but shaded playground for younger children. As the playground was large with various buildings such as a farm and hospital etc, Dar was very interested to play there. We wanted to let him explore the area later on but in the end, we had to skip it too due to lack of time. Sorry Dar!

Housed in a spacious and air-conditioned room, the Build & Test is a creativity area for children to create and test out their LEGO® creations.

Upon stepping in, we were attracted by the beautiful skyscrapers made from LEGO® blocks. Dar was especially excited as one of his interests is skyscrapers! This particular section is used to test out the buildings that we build, to see how well they can withstand virtual earthquakes. This is achieved by turning a knob which controls how strong the earthquake will be.


The next activity was what got Dar really excited — the Race Car Challenge! This is where we could build our own racing cars using LEGO® blocks and then pit them against other people’s creations on a race track!

To start, we have to register at the counter near the door. Registration is free and a set of wheels (consisting of four wheels and two axles) would be loaned to us (what’s a car without wheels right?) and they must be returned in an hour’s time. This is to limit the number of participants to avoid overcrowding.

After registering for Dar, I noticed that we could request to loan more than a set of wheels. I then decided to get another set, so that daddy here could put his creative juices into good use too!

We found a table with many LEGO® blocks in the middle and began building our vehicles for the race. I had difficulty building my envisioned vehicle initially due to the lack of the appropriate blocks and had to move among different tables to find them.

Dar completed his first prototype and headed towards the race track excitedly. There were two separate race tracks and each of them could accommodate up to six vehicles at one time. Each track is made up of a long ramp with a finishing line at the lower end, where a huge digital screen stood above. We were to placed our vehicles in one of the six slots and they would remain stationary until the START button was pressed.

A countdown of 5 seconds would start on the digital screen and the barrier in front of the vehicles would drop down upon completion, and the race begins as the vehicles started moving on the sloping track.


I soon joined in too and it was a really great experience! Although it was a race, the outcome of the race didn’t matter anymore. Dar and I had so much fun seeing our vehicles (and others’ too) knocking onto each other or having another vehicle swirling to the side and blocking the other vehicles etc! We would laugh at ourselves when our vehicles failed to make it in one piece to the finishing line, or not reaching it at all due to malfunctions and accidents! ^^

We also had a lot of fun discussing other children’s creations with them, and it never failed to amaze me how vastly different designs these children could come up with! This is why LEGO® is so successful, where children can have the freedom to be creative and come up with their own imaginations!


Time flew by and we soon reached the 1-hour limit but had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at Build & Test! Although Cat didn’t join us in the race, she kept herself busy working on editing some photos on her smartphone and was enjoying her break from the hot sun outside. ^^

Checking the time, it was already 1 pm and time for lunch! We left Build & Test after returning the wheels and checked out several eateries in the theme park, ending up at the Market Restaurant in LEGO® CITY. At this place, we found a selection of Asian and Western favourites and decided on the Roasted Chicken Rice Sets, which came with  drinks and fruits. After trying out the delicious roasted chicken when eating Nasi Lemak at the Water Park, we knew we wouldn’t go wrong with this choice!


Finishing our lunch, we knew we only had three hours left before our coach arrived, so it was paramount to plan how best we could utilise our remaining time at the theme park. Since Dar had been wanting to ride on the LEGOLAND® Express (a colourful life-sized train which looked like it was made up of large LEGO® blocks), we proceeded for this first.

The train station was just next to the Rescue Academy and the train soon arrived. Off we went for our relaxing tour around Legoland!


During the ride, we came across the LEGO® Star Wars™ attraction and were interested in visiting it, since it was opened recently and we had already watched all 6 episodes of Star Wars at home a while back. So after our train ride, we headed towards the attraction where Star Wars figurines and pictures were placed at the front for nice photography opportunities!


The main entrance was closed and a timer above indicated the waiting time before we could enter for the next self-guided tour. This time gap is to prevent overcrowding so that the visitors could have unobstructed views of the model displays inside.

When it was time for us to enter, we took our time to view and appreciate the models for each of the Star Wars episode. We ended up being the only ones in most halls since visitors from our groups had already quickly moved on to the other halls; guess they weren’t as interested in the exhibits as us! ^^

This allowed us to have the halls to ourselves and we could take photos without distractions. There were buttons at various parts of the models and pressing them would cause part of the Lego models to light up or move around, depicting some of the classic scenes in the movies.

At the end of our tour, we arrived at the souvenir store and bought Dar a Star Wars cap and a Lego R2D2 keychain that he liked very much. Nice for him to have some memento to bring home from this trip!

Exiting the building, we headed towards LEGO® KINGDOMS, where a beautiful castle stood amidst the two roller coaster rides. We went in to check out the castle and noticed that it looked identical to the one in Germany.

Knowing that Dar would be afraid of exciting rides, we convinced him to take the milder Dragon’s Apprentice ride, a roller coaster meant for younger visitors. After we joined the queue, the previous group was just starting their ride and we stood and watched as they rode through two rounds of fun and excitement.

“Daddy, it looks scary…” Dar whispered, fearing that this ride would still be too much for him. I assured him that everything is safe and he should be brave.

Soon, our turn arrived and we avoided the front seats, so that it wouldn’t be too frightening for him during the ride. After our seat belts had been secured, off we went onto the tracks! For a children’s ride, it felt more thrilling than we had expected, especially the part when we were spiraling downwards near the end of each lap!


After two laps, our ride was coming to an end. However, since there wasn’t anyone waiting in the queue, the staff asked the group if they wanted to go for another round, with everyone else responding with ‘yes’ and cheers. We, on the other hand, informed the staff that we had enough fun and would not want the ‘extra servings’. Dar was nudging me to quickly get off the ride as it was still too scary for him. ^^

Just opposite the ride was The Forestmen’s Hideout, a large playground made of mostly wood with numerous tunnels and pathways linking the various parts of the playground. As we were done with most of the places we wanted to visit, we promptly agreed to his request to play there and Zoooom! he sped straight into his ‘hideout’!


I joined him shortly, occasionally trying to sneak behind him to give him a surprise. Alas, he was always on the alert and would scurry away (being smaller has its advantages!) through the network of mazes while I struggled to squeeze through some of these child-sized passageways. ^^|

Meanwhile, I got Cat ice cream to keep her comfortable while we busied ourselves at the playground.

The satisfied Dar then had his sweat wiped and thirst quenched. After that, we walked towards the Miniland, which had took Legoland three years and more than 30 million LEGO® bricks to recreate some of Asia’s best known landmarks from 17 Asian countries, including the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue and Taj Mahal.

Sheltered seats were present around the Miniland with sprinkles to cool visitors down, though we would be seated too far to view the models clearly.




Tip: Visit Miniland in the morning…

As the weather was still hot and humid, we didn’t stay long under the sun to admire the various architecture there, although Dar was very interested in them. He was sharp-eyed and spotted several building and landmarks he knew, while I introduced him to some others that he was seeing for the first time.

With only 20 minutes left before our coach arrived, we headed to The Big Shop to see if there was anything we could buy as souvenirs. Nothing caught our eyes however, so we went over to the shop beside it to check out our photos, which were taken by Legoland’s professional photographers when we were touring around the theme park.

Using the bar codes on my wrist bands, they attempted to retrieve our photos. However, they had problems doing so and after nearly ten minutes had passed, we decided to leave instead.

We were glad to have left instead of waiting further because when we arrived at the hotel, our travel agency’s staff was already looking around for us (they had arrived slightly earlier). The rest of the journey was quite smooth sailing and we returned to Singapore and had a good rest that night.

Our first visits to Legoland and its Water Park were great and we had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We should be visiting them in a few years’ time again. Till then!

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