Legoland Malaysia: Legoland Water Park Part 2

Travel Period : June 2015

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Legoland Water Park – Exciting Water Slides

Slides For 2 People


Once at the slides area, we scanned through them to try to identify the least-scary slides, since we have a timid child and a pregnant lady. The ‘Splash ‘N’ Swirl‘ caught our eyes as it involved sliding down in a 2-person rubber tube with several young children enjoying the ride. “I’m sure Dar will enjoy this too.” We thought.

Despite his slight protest, we comforted him and started queuing for the tube. We had to wait for other patrons to finish their rides and take over the tubes from them. After that, we had to climb up a long flight of stairs to begin our ride.

“I’m still a little scared…” Dar whispered, and I assured him again that everything is safe and I would be with him throughout the ride. As parents, we feel it’s important to encourage our children to gain more and varied experiences for them to grow.

With the help of the staff, we placed our tube on the small pool of water at the starting point, before he helped us to position Dar behind me so that his feet would be securely placed under my arms. This was done to ensure that the child would not fall out of the tube during the ride.

“1… 2… 3… Here you go!” The staff announced and gave us a soft push (I noticed he would only push harder for older patrons so that they could enjoy a faster, more exciting ride) and down we went! Despite the gradual start, our speed began to pick up quickly and that was when Dar started to scream (I’ve told him to scream if he’s afraid so that he wouldn’t bottle up his emotions) as we zoomed down the winding tunnel slide.

Seconds later, we whooshed out of the tunnels and arrived onto a big bowl-like area, swirling us around. This allowed us to catch a breather while I talked encouragingly to Dar to calm him down.

As our swirling ended, we slid through the opening in the middle for the final journey as we went down another tunnel slide before swoosh-ing out at the end! It was quite a ride and Dar was relieved that his ‘ordeal’ was finally over.

Although… It’s not really over yet! ^^|

Slides For 3 or More People

Brick Blaster, An Ordeal ?


We had already planned to take out the 3-person ride ‘Brick Blaster‘ too (how could we leave Cat out from the fun?) and after convincing Dar that we would be attempting the ride together as a family this time round, we decided to go ahead with the ride.

The circular tube for this ride was much bigger and cumbersome to lift than the 2-person tube, so it was a tougher walk up the stairs with it. How I wish they could construct conveyor belts to transport the tubes automatically instead, like what some of the water theme parks did!

Once seated down and equally spaced apart in the tube, we were pushed down the big tunnel slide. Comparing the two rides, this was definitely the more exciting one (which means it’s a scarier one for Dar) as we slid downwards with our tube tilted steeply along the contours of the slide.

The real ‘fun’ however, only came when we zoomed into one of the two ‘python’s tummys’ as our tube got swung from side to side, sometimes at such a steep angle that we felt almost as if we were falling out!

The second ‘tummy’ was milder but by then, the excitement (and fear) had already made its impact on Dar, as he started sobbing when we exited the slide. He calmed down soon, after we assured him that would be no more slide riding for the rest of our visit. ^^

So what’s a good pool to calm ourselves (especially Dar) down?

Wave Pool

A relaxing, beach-like pool would do just fine — and so we walked over to the ‘LEGO® Wave Pool‘ which was just next to the slides.


We made Dar put on a life vest, as the waves could get strong at times and the further end of the pool (though we wouldn’t let him go near that area) could be quite deep and dangerous for weaker swimmers.

He had a great time wadding in the shallow waters and letting the waves pushed his body backwards as he sat facing them. The ground was a bit rough (probably to mimic a sandy surface) and he got his arms scratched a little. That didn’t affect his happy mood and he soon forgot about the scary experiences earlier! ^^

Cafe Break

After this, Dar wanted to go for another round at the ‘Build-A-Raft River‘ which we obliged. We then enjoyed a nice serving of cheesy potato wedges at the Brick Bay Cafe nearby. Their servings were generous and freshly fried to perfection! Niceee!


Soon after however, the weather started to change while we were still enjoying our snacks. Rain started to fall and we realised we hadn’t brought along an umbrella (we had left them in our hotel room). Nevertheless, we didn’t let that dampen our spirit and we waited patiently for the rain to stop. We then began to make our way back to the Locker Room when the rain started to clear.

As we intended to shower in our hotel room, we only used the toilet/shower rooms at the Locker Room to dry ourselves.The place was large and there were many cubicles for showers, so it shouldn’t be a problem to look for vacant cubicles even when the crowd was bigger.

Our plan to change out of our wet attire was shelved since it was still raining. We decided to just walk back with a towel over ourselves.

Satisfied with our water park visit, we headed back to our room and had a deep and satisfying nap after our tiring day!

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