Singapore Event: Festival of Biodiversity 2015

Festival of Biodiversity is an annual event which celebrates Singapore’s natural heritage. The aim is to bring greater awareness to the public, of the biodiversity that Singapore has. This is the second year we visited the fair at VivoCity. Dar was given a card, “Passport Challenge” to answer some questions which could be found from the panels in the exhibition area. There would be souvenirs after completion of the card.



1. Free Art Workshops

There were several free workshops at the exhibition and Dar got to try making a marine slug, Nudibranch, from Air-Dry Clay. It was difficult to make at first as the clay kept sticking to our fingers. Dar was also not familiar with modelling clay so I need to help him out.


TSS_FestivalofBiodiversity15_ClayWorkshop TSS_FestivalofBiodiversity15_ClayWorkshop02

2. Completing Quiz Cards.

We proceeded to answer the questions on the card by looking for them in the panels. The Jade Tree Snail is so beautiful. Dar developed a liking for snail from this fair.


We completed two different cards and could choose a variety of souvenirs to take. Dar wanted the “Big-eye Green Whip Snake” magnet. We took two Festival of Biodiversity Badges, a few animal stickers and bookmarks.



1. Weird Sea Creature

This was an interesting sea creature called a “Basket star”, a relative of the common sea star. It actually has five arms, which are each split into more dexterous ‘branchlets’, which it uses to catch prey underwater. The creature can live around 6,564 ft (2 km) below the waves.


2. Butterflies & Caterpillars Specimen

An interesting exhibit showing Caterpillars growing in different stages. Dar is to use the name to locate the adult butterfly specimen in the case. This was a fun exercise to do. I learnt that the pupa stays quite firmly on the leaf and will not fall off easily!


3. Snails & Shells

An NUS student enthusiastically introduced Dar to Snails & Shells. He was very interested and we learnt a lot about snails and the spirals.


4. Horseshoe Crab

Dar was introduced to Horseshoe Crab. There’s a conservation effort to rescue Horseshoe Crabs entrapped in deployed and abandoned fishing nets at the Mandai mudflats.


5. Preserved specimens.

We went around the exhibition areas examining all the preserved specimens. Volunteers were at the tables to show us and explain about the animals. We could ask them questions too. Dar’s favourite animal is Snake so he looked more closely at the snakes’ specimens.

TSS_FestivalofBiodiversity15_Specimen02 TSS_FestivalofBiodiversity15_Specimen01



Location: VivoCity Level 1
Entry: FREE
Nearest MRT Station: Harbour Front MRT Station.