Themed Hotel: Legoland Hotel Malaysia

The Legoland Hotel is probably one of the most photographed hotels in Malaysia, given its colourful and Lego-themed outlook.

Still, we were very excited and impressed when we were got to experience it up-close!


We arrived at noon and thanks to the friendly and efficient staff at the reception, we were granted early check-in, which saved us the inconvenience of having to sort out our luggage at the lobby for our Water Park visit.

In a merry mood, we thus headed up to the 3rd floor, where rooms were all Kingdoms-themed.

After we left the lift lobby and followed the arrows directing us to our rooms, we were quite surprised that we had to exit the air-conditioned lobby into an open-air corridor. Well, perhaps we are pampered by the other hotels we had stayed at, but it would be great if all corridors were air-conditioned as well. ^^


(Tips: For Normal Themed Rooms, Adventure-themed rooms are all on the first floor, Pirates-themed rooms on the second floor and Kingdoms-themed rooms are on the third floor. So if you want a higher floored room, you will have to choose the Kingdoms-themed room! Premium Rooms and Suites are from the 5th floor onwards.)


As we opened the door to our room, we let out a soft ‘wow’ and were impressed with the structure and decorations of our room, even though it was just a Normal Themed Room (the more expensive ones are the Premium Rooms and Suites).


Dar was of course in love with our room at first sight, especially with the bunk bed! It is no wonder that he adored it, as it was nicely matched with a castle-themed wallpaper  behind it.

He thus wasted no time climbing to the upper deck to claim his territory, though not that we were going to fight over it with him (we have our own better and bigger bed! ^^|).


Passing through the sliding door into the ‘Adults Room’, the comfy king-sized bed looked so inviting to our slightly tired bodies. Unfortunately, we did not have the luxury to enjoy that comfort yet, as we had to head out for great fun at Legoland Water Park!


The hotel has all the basic amenities such as safe, TV, bathrobes etc.


Though lacking a bathtub, the toilet and shower room is spacious enough for all our needs. There is even a separate sink area at a lower level for the children, with their own toiletries!


At the corner of the room was a safe with a Lego Frog on it. To open it, we need to find the “password” using the clues given on a gamecard. Dar had a fun time searching all over the room for the clues. Finally, he opened the cabinet to reveal some free gifts inside!


He immediately got to “work”, building up the Lego vehicle.


The lobby was equally fun. We played a game of hide-and-seek and catching, running in and out of the huge Lego Castle in the middle. Dar loved the Lego Buildings displayed at a glass cabinet and looked at it for a long time. There was also huge rubber Lego bricks for children to build their own giant creations.



The restaurant was where we ate our buffet breakfast in the morning. On the first night, we decided to eat here for dinner even though the cost was quite expensive for a buffet dinner. It’s because I had a lot of diet restrictions (pregnant and gluten-free) and couldn’t eat at the Italian restaurant. We had also came back from the Water Park early to rest so it was closed by then.


There was such a huge array of food and desserts (many I couldn’t eat…T_T). I tried the hot food (cooked meats) and kway tiao soup, which was at a station outside the restaurant.


Dar sat down and immediately started drawing with the crayons provided. Instead of colouring the black and white paper table covering, he preferred to draw his own “sinking” ship.


During and after dinner, we freely walked around to take some photographs of the cute Lego creations. It was amazing how versatile Lego can be. Almost anything could be built and looked rather realistic. That’s why we encouraged Dar to play with Lego at home and bought many sets for him to create.


As we dined, “Emmet” from The Lego Movie came! The Lego Movie is Dar’s favourite movie so he was so excited to see him! Vin quickly brought him to Emmet for some photo-taking.


As we couldn’t eat anymore, we headed back to our room to rest, so we could have a fun-filled day tomorrow at Legoland Theme Park. On hindsight, we shouldn’t have eaten buffet at the restaurant (no à la carte), since both of us couldn’t eat much (one pregnant and one young boy). Next time, we know to settle our dinner first at the Water Park or Theme Park, before they close for the night.

Overall, it was a comfy stay at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia and we would come back again when our second child is older.

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