Kuala Lumpur: KL Tower

Travel Period : 3-6 Sep 2016


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We took a taxi to KL Tower. It was an uphill ride as KL tower is built on a small hill. The weather was good today and we could view a 360 degree view of the city landscape, which we couldn’t due to the rain at Petronas Twin Towers yesterday.

Dar enjoyed looking at the buildings and spotting landmarks, like the Twin Towers and our hotel.

Kuala Lumpur Tower is the 7th Tallest freestanding tower in the world and used for communication purposes.
The place was just a small viewing gallery but we took our time to stroll one circle, taking in the views of the entire cityscape. 

Dar like this wall of Tall Towers in the World. It’s like his bucket list of tall towers to visit and he wants to conquer them all one day.

We didn’t like the entrance photography done and did another one of us with the view of Twin Towers behind. Another print-out done with Ling added to the collection! Recently, we had collected many such “tourist” photos with her which cost a lot. It’s the only way we could get a good family shot.

At one of the souvenir shops, Dar bought a Malaysia T-shirt with the three towers printed and selected a Kuala Lumpur Tower model as souvenir. He specially want one that doesn’t have a revolving top (the restaurant). So we kept selecting the different varieties and even went to a second souvenir shop, until he finally found one to his liking.

As there was a lack of time due to us needing to travel to Sunway Lagoon Resort, we didn’t try the lunch at the revolving restaurant upstairs. Maybe we would be back some day to try the buffet.

Alas, a small incident happened that dampened our mood. Dar took out his model KL Tower, happily played with it during lunch at Sunway Pyramid and promptly lost it when he went to the washroom after lunch.

He had stopped in his track all of a sudden and told us with a panic that he didn’t have it in his pocket anymore. We quickly walked back to the washroom to find it but had little hope, since we had already walked for some time looking at the shops. Indeed, it was no longer there. He was really upset because he loves that model so much (after selecting for so long!).

I told him it was a lesson to learn for him to take good care of his belongings, for we might never go to KL Tower again and it’s not possible to get the souvenir anywhere else (we tried looking but they only have Twin Towers model).  I didn’t even had the chance to take a photograph of it because he lost it so fast… sigh.

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