Kuala Lumpur: Petronas Twin Towers

Travel Period : 3-6 Sep 2016



It’s been more than a year since we travelled overseas. Due to my pregnancy and my girl being too young, we stayed in Singapore during the school holidays (my boy can’t go freely for overseas trip now that he’s in Primary School).

After trying out a staycation with Ling in June, we were more experienced and felt we could handle her well. So, we decided to take the plunge and do a road trip to Kuala Lumpur. She’s ten months old and this would be her first Overseas Trip.

To travel faster and safer, we tried out an airline coach, Aeroline. They had meals served and a toilet on board. The seats looked comfy too for a 6-8 hours ride.

We had to wake up very early at 5 plus am to get ready and head to Harbour Front. The bus would leave at 8am. For this trip, Dar specially built a double-decker coach bus from Lego by referencing from the pictures online.

We started the trip feeling excited but as the jam grew longer at the Singapore’s Second link, the enthusiasm died. It was a frustrating two hours long wait before we could even be on the way to the Malaysia customs. This made us worried about whether we could reach in time for our booked appointment at 4 plus pm to visit the Petronas Twin Towers. I kept asking myself, why did we even book an early timing?!

The coach was comfy and there were movies and games from the entertainment pad on the back of each seat but I wasn’t able to play anything with Ling on my lap. After a while, I let her touched the screen, playing a game for fun.

The lunch came packaged in a box and was given to us individually. The coach moved steadily and there was a side tray beside the handle bar of each seat to place our food, so there was no problem with eating on the go. Dar however, liked to go down to the first floor’s lounge area where there was a row of table and cushioned seats to eat. Frankly, the clothed seats seemed a bit “mouldy” to my eye so I was not too comfy with sitting there since I’m sensitive to mould. Our regular leather seats were comfy and clean though. As for the food, the taste was alright but too little to feed my ‘breastfeeding’ stomach, hence I ate snacks that I brought along. We were also given a bottle of water to drink and I didn’t hesitate to, since we could use the toilet on board if there’s a need.

By the way, the bus did stop for a while at a rest-stop for toilet break though I thought it was a direct non-stop bus line (that’s why I booked it…) .So our journey was lengthened even further!


We finally reached after 8 hours of bus ride with Ling asleep most of the time. We alighted and quickly flagged a cab on the street to take us to nearby Traders hotel for check-in. We were already late for our appointment time and they might refuse us entry.

Checking in, we discovered to our horror that we had booked the wrong date for our stay! The two of us stared in disbelief as this was the first time we made such a blunder… T_T . We recalled rushing that night to book a room using booking.com because it was quite a last-minute decision to visit the Twin Towers. We had confused it with our later resort stay in Sunway Lagoon and booked that same date.

Fortunately, they still had rooms but we had to pay an extra price for the mistake. Already in a terrible rush to go to the Twin Towers, we had no time to think too much. We quickly entered the room, put down the luggage and went down to take the free buggy ride to Suria KLCC for our visit to the Petronas Twin Towers. Dar love taking such rides and couldn’t stop talking about it. 

Later on, the extra room charge was waived after we submitted a request to booking.com and it checked with the hotel. Phew!


As the crowd wasn’t much, they allowed us to join the next batch even though we were late. We sat and waited for the tour to start. Dar loves skyscrapers and it is his dream to visit all the skyscrapers around the world. Therefore, he was really excited to finally step inside the Twin Towers he kept talking about. This was the reason I added one more day for this, as I originally wanted to just go to Sunway Lagoon Resort.

A hologram introduced us to the Twin Towers though I barely paid attention…We then took the fast elevator to Level 41 to walk on the Skybridge!

Level 41 Skybridge

It’s exhilarating to be up here so high and looking down at cars/buildings that looked like toys. What an amazing view! Unfortunately, the weather changed all of a sudden. It started raining!

The sky darkened and rain started pouring. Oh no, we still have the 86th floor to go to! What would we see then?

Level 86 Observation Deck

On the 86th floor Observation Deck… It was raining so heavily that all we could see of the scenery below was a blanket of white. The only structure to see was the other tower.

I was terribly disappointed!  We travelled all the way here but didn’t get to see the landscape scenery around Kuala Lumpur!

With nothing much to see, we strolled around the information gallery to know more about the Twin Towers. Dar enjoyed looking at the building miniatures.

It took a while before they finally called us to leave for the ground floor.

The two towers he had conquered so far.

Dar’s favourite is the tallest tower in the world. He plan to visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai one day. Before we left the place, he absolutely needed to get a model souvenir of the Twin Towers. It’s not cheap (around RM80?) but we obliged since it was to remember the trip.


We ate our dinner in KLCC at a Penang Restaurant. The food was delicious but not a lot. I breastfed Ling in the baby room and gave her some baby food & instant cereal for dinner. This was the first time she tried these and loved it. So glad there are such convenient packaging for travel! During Dar’s time, there were no such packaging(mostly heavy glass bottles), so we travelled only when he was old enough to eat adult food.

KLCC’s baby room was really spacious and great for breastfeeding and diaper changing with some activities for young children to play.

Lake Symphony Water Fountain Show

Stepping out of KLCC to head to the park, we were just in time to watch the water fountain show, which happens to start at 8pm with light and music. It was quite nice and I think it lasted around 10 minutes but we didn’t wait until the end as we needed to go to the playground.


We crossed over to KLCC Park and arrived at a huge playground that seemed to stretch for miles.

Also, the Petronas Twin Towers lit up so beautifully at night! We couldn’t resist taking many shots of it.

After placing Ling into the swing, she really enjoyed it and kept laughing! I’m quite impressed to see security personnel (those in bright green jackets in my pic below) patrolling the area too and it made me think more about our safety in a foreign country. Frankly, I wasn’t worried at all until I saw that the playground and park was so huge with some back areas poorly lit. Robbery might be an issue if we are not careful. Thus, we stayed at the brightly lit areas and didn’t move too far in.

The playground was still quite wet from the rain. Vin chased Dar for a short game of hide and seek but found the area too big and dark to play. He got worried when he couldn’t find Dar sometimes, so they stopped.

She’s starting to enjoy playgrounds too and kept laughing when I rocked her on this!


Headed back to our room and discovered more pretty views of the Twin Towers. Just had to take pictures!

In the morning, we woke up to a beautiful view of the Petronas Twin Towers. The bed was so comfy and Ling actually slept through in her cot!

Ling loved to explore the hotel room and kept cruising and crawling around. At 10 months old, she was curious about everything.

Dar wanted to see how the pool looked like and Vin brought them up. It was a small indoor pool with a nice view.

We decided to head to KLCC foodcourt for our breakfast before leaving for KL Tower sight-seeing. Vin had prata, Dar had peanut butter bread while I ate some Ipoh hor fun. The food was quite good! 

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