Kuala Lumpur: Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Travel Period : 3-6 Sep 2016


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DAY 3 

This was our second time here and Dar_Ling’s first time. However, they had revamped the whole park as it looked totally different from what we remembered. We planned to spend one whole day at the park today as it closes at 6pm.

We entered the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park conveniently via a side-entrance linked to the Sunway Resort Hotel, only for guests.

It’s a huge park and there are three areas to explore. Vin suggested to walk to the theme rides first instead of doing the swim as he felt it would be nicer to do the swim in the late afternoon. The weather was so sunny and the walk further in was quite uphill. I had thought we could do without our stroller and didn’t bring it in. Thus, I baby carried Ling all the way and regretted. It was so tiring to walk! By the time we arrived at the theme ride section, she fell asleep again.

Before reaching the Theme Park area, there were lots of nice structures to photograph.


We had shown Dar the map before our trip so he could plan which ride he want to take. Walking towards the place, Dar wanted to take his first ride, the Ferris Wheel. There were nobody around except us. It was a nice leisure spin of two rounds, showing us a view of the surroundings.

Next, he chose to take this spinning pterodactyl ride. Daddy joined him while I waited for them at the side with sleeping Ling and took photos of them.

There was a fun photo area nearby the ride so I took this for them, pretending we were in the Wild Wild West.

Next, we saw this interesting ride and I forced Dar to go up with Daddy, despite his numerous protests. I was thinking, we are here for fun and he’s no longer little…why not just try? He might like it after all?

Later, Vin said he didn’t want to get in the raft at the last minute but convinced him to. No wonder they were taking quite a long time to get settled when I was taking their pics from downstairs. It looked exciting and when they arrived with a “WHOOSH!”, Dar was fighting back his tears. He was too scared and didn’t enjoy at all. Sigh.

Ling woke up after we left the exhilarating ride. We spotted the Musical Carousel and I wanted to let Ling try. Dar needed something more relaxing so he got on too. She wasn’t afraid at all but looked blurred, wondering what was happening since she just woke up. Dar enjoyed the ride so much that we took it a second time. The boy still dislikes any exciting theme park rides even until now at 8 years old…(that’s why you see a lack of “theme park” visits in our blog).

While resting, Dar decided to try the game stalls which is purely dependent on luck with no skills involved. The first one, he had two chances to scoop a duck with prize and won a small puzzle. Pretty useless. The second game was turning the Wheel of Fortune and he didn’t win anything. What bad Luck!

Decided to take a family pic with the Western Town background using the selfie stick which was a free gift. It took sometime to get it running and the resulting picture’s resolution didn’t turn out good! 


We decide to visit the Zoo area since Ling is now awake. The first stop was the White Tiger which was lazing around in the shade.

This is the first time we saw a White Lion and Lioness. They were so majestic and beautiful with blue eyes and whitish manes. We stayed for quite a while to admire them.

Soon, we entered a caged area with a gibbon and panthers. There were two panthers and they looked very ferocious as they pranced around and jumped high on the tree branches. That’s why there are warning signs not to put your fingers/hands through the wire cages…

Small Animals

We came to an area where we were allowed to touch small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. There was a sink provided for us to wash our hands before touching and after touching the animals.

Vin tried to catch a guinea pig for Dar and it was so funny as they kept running round and round, away from him. Finally, he managed to catch one for Dar to touch.

We also picked up some grass to feed the rest of the cute animals such as hamsters and rabbits.

By the way, when we tried to pick up a rabbit, a zoo attendant appeared and didn’t allow us to do it. He just gestured with a black face so I’m not too sure why it isn’t allowed suddenly.


We went for lunch and Vin went back to the hotel to take Ling’s stroller and shoes. Sunway Lagoon only allowed one visit and no re-entry but Vin explained that we really needed her shoes which we forgot to take earlier (actually we needed the stroller more). Thus, he was allowed to leave and enter again while we waited at the canteen area for him to come back.

She fell asleep again after lunch, so Vin and Dar went to do water play while I waited at the canteen. They went to the wave pool and did some water splashing at the fake beach.

The canteen was fitted with ceiling fans and very airy so I didn’t mind waiting. They played for a long time and she still didn’t show signs of waking up. I called them back and we decided to just head to the Nicklelodeon Children’s Water Playground further away (beyond the Zoo and Theme Park area) and change her there. Buying a locker at the entrance was a mistake as we couldn’t bring our camera or phone along (forgot to bring the waterproof pouch with us !! T_T), with no one to look after. That’s why we ended up not taking any water play pictures.

Tip: Buy a locker nearer to the water play area where you would be at….forget the entrance. Once bought, can’t transfer.

The Nicklelodeon Children’s Water Playground was a fun playground of water slides with a low level water height and a small infant wading area with splashing waters. Ling didn’t quite like the splashing waters so we just held her mostly in the playground pool.

It was growing dark and we wanted to cross the long overhead bridge connecting two areas of the park, since we didn’t manage to do so earlier in the day. Thus, we quickly left to shower and walked a long way back.

Alas, by the time we reached, the bridge was already closed for the day. Vin quickly rushed up with Dar to walk a little before being chased down by a personnel.

Day 4

A 6 hours journey back again…

It’s time to leave and we started packing and heading for breakfast. Ling woke up in a happy mood. She loves to hold onto the cot rails and jump up and down, shaking it in the process.

We had a fulfilling 4 days trip here in Kuala Lumpur. Our first overseas trip together  as a family of four is now filled with fun memories. The journey was shorter this time with no jam. She was active and kept standing up in my seat. After sometime, I fell asleep with Ling in the Tula carrier. We arrived around evening time in Singapore and took a taxi back from Harbour Front.

Summary of our 4 Days 3 Nights Trip

Day 1  –

Day 2 –

Day 3 –

  • Sunway Lagoon Theme Park,
  • Shop and Dine in Sunway Pyramid

Day 4 –

  • After buffet breakfast, back to Singapore.