Kuala Lumpur: Sunway Resort

Travel Period : 3-6 Sep 2016


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DAY 2 Afternoon to Night

Taking a cab directly by booking from KL Tower, we arrived at Sunway Lagoon Resort after about 20 mins.
Vin went to queue at the standard check-in, only to realised that we had booked the club room which has its own special check-in on the highest floors. We learnt that snacks are provided at certain timing in the club lounge, complimentary with our room. The club room is more expensive of course but because we decided on the trip quite last minute, this was the only room type left.  

Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

First thing we noted was that the room wasn’t big enough for four of us. After putting in the cot, the free roll-away bed took up too much space. They do not allow us to remove the sofa, thus we had to give up on the extra bed. The existing bed was too small to sleep three people, so I slept on the sofa bed as I had to wake up to feed Ling in the night. Alas, it wasn’t a comfy sleep compared to our first hotel stay. My nose got sensitive to whatever was in it, became blocked and my body felt itchy all over. The view of the theme park was nice though and Dar loves the bath-tub.


We had a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Dragon-i. Our orders were our favourite dim sum, Xiao Long Bao, fried rice and one other dish. 


Looking at the inviting pool below, Dar could not resist but to go swim first after our lunch. Shopping and exploration would come later.

This was Ling’s second time in a float and we wondered if she would mind. She took very well to it and loves moving her legs about. The two of them had quite a lot of fun as Dar helped pushed her too. We took turns to swim a little. It felt relaxing to swim in the picturesque landscape with waterfalls and fake boulders.


We went up to the club lounge of which we are entitled to free snacks and drinks buffet. It was a generous spread of food. Dar is grown-up enough to take what he wants to eat by himself. There was delicious moon-cake which I ate quite a lot. Vin also drank Asahi beer. By the time we finished, we were so full that we skipped dinner.


We went back to the room and watched the sunset for a while before deciding on what to do for the night.


Dar insisted that he wanted to play in the bathtub. I wanted to go out shopping but he didn’t want to follow. I thought he wanted to rest after the long day. Therefore, we left him in the room and took Ling out with us for a walk around the Sunway Pyramid Mall. I found this art sculpture of a lion and just had to take a picture with it.

There weren’t much sales items at this time of the year but I managed to buy a shirt for him and a pants for me. Ling kept fussing in the stroller so we ended up carrying her, making shopping difficult. We went back soon to rest as we were worried about Dar alone in the room too, and discovered Dar still not asleep yet. He said he missed us while we were gone! *roll eyes. I should have insisted he tagged along so we could have walked around more.


The breakfast buffet variety was alright. We could find Asian food such as Nasi Lemak, fried rice or beehoon. There were also western food such as an egg station, usual bread, jam and salad stuff. They even had a special Middle East section and most of the guests around us were from the Middle East.

After breakfast, it was time for water play and theme park fun at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

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