April 2017: Updating Due to Travel

I know I had seriously neglected this blog. I hadn’t written in here for more than a year! If you readers have noticed, I had been publishing New Posts only in Mid-March 2017 but back-dated to year 2015 & 2016. 

The last post was dated February 26, 2016 which was about our Legoland visit in 2015! O_o. I just didn’t feel the urge to write because our small trips to nearby countries in 2016, didn’t seem that significant. I was happier doing up Photobooks immediately after the trips and printing them out in record time. In fact, I still have a lot of backlogged Photobooks to do and was aiming to finish them up. I even thought of closing down the blog because it seemed too time-consuming for me to do it while taking care of my toddler girl full-time.

UNTIL…someone dropped me an email out of the blue to invite us to review accommodation in a foreign country. I was excited about the destination and asked if Vin could make it. He said, he could! Hence, we started replying back and booked air-tickets…finalising the trip!


Looking at our NEGLECTED Blog Stats, there were still plenty of views (at least 14K monthly) even though I hadn’t update for so long. I’m glad with social media emerging, there are still people who are reading personal stories from Blogs! I mean, I don’t write those “5 places to visit…” type of posts. Our posts are only in a story-format of our day-to-day experiences. I really need to start “working” on it again.


Due to this, I started thinking about how I hadn’t update my Ha Long Bay trip and they are still in draft mode clogging up. If I have new entries on my New Travel Destination, it would be quite “untidy”.

Finally, I decided to put myself to work (neglected baby Ling a bit…), editing photographs and publishing them recently. I didn’t want to date them as currently published because it was 3 years ago! The gap is too wide. Hence, I decided to back-date them to where I last left off. That’s why it looks a little strange to be publishing a post that reads “2015” when it was actually written now.

Check out the New Posts Published Recently In March 2017 to Current Apr 2017:

Kuala Lumpur Trip 2016 – Starting from

  1. the First Day to Petronas Twin Towers.
  2. KL Tower
  3. Sunway Resort Stay and Swim
  4. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Ha Long Bay 2014

  1. Ha Long Bay – From Hanoi to Ha Long City to Board the Cruise
  2. On Board the Cruise for Ha Long Bay
  3. The Gorgeous Scenery we saw in Ha Long Bay
  4. The Food we ate on Cruise
  5. Day 1 Itinerary – Swim in Bay
  6. Day 1 Ha Long Bay Sunset
  7. Day 1 Cooking Class 
  8. Day 2 Fishing Village Tour
  9. Day 2 Cat Ba Island Visit
  10. Our First Family Kayaking Experience
  11. Day 2 BBQ Night
  12. Day 3 Sung Sot Cave Exploration

So, you see, I had been very productive these two weeks! 


>>> Still Vietnam: Day 3 -Ha Long Bay Cruise Day 3 – Departing and back to Hanoi / Exploring the Weekend Night Markets Vietnam Military Museum / The President’s House / Visiting Saint Joseph Cathedral and Departing Vietnam. I have 5 more posts on Vietnam before I wrapped it all up! ^_^” *sweat.

>>> Phuket: We did a beach vacation where we did nothing much but enjoy the beach and pool. Still, it deserves some write up because it was baby Ling’s first overseas trip!

>>> Singapore Staycations: We went on two staycations in our home country. The trips might not be significant but I would still want to jot them down in this travel blog as it is a record of our memories. Read them if you are interested in Singapore! Post #1 – Festive Hotel Staycation

>>> Planning Trip Posts. I’m thinking to write some posts on our trip planning and share some information we had found. This would be a while later though.


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Other Blog Matters

  • I had also added a new “Travel Destination” Page to list down all the places we had been to, by their categories. It helps us see a clearer picture of our travels. Natural places were the most!
  • Updated our About Page.
  • Set up an Official YouTube page for our TSS Blog where I would be placing videos on it, linked to Blog Posts. Yes, we do take videos! Just never got to compiling them properly. It will be a place for our future videos, so if you want updates, subscribe to it.


  1. Tommy April 15, 2017 at 7:34 am

    Hi Cat,

    Welcome back! 🙂

    I thought you have stopped blogging for good too… glad that you are back blogging.. 🙂

    Look forward to reading your blog posts! 🙂

    1. Cat April 15, 2017 at 4:24 pm

      Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for the welcome!! Nice to hear from you. ^_^ I still check out your site occasionally! And I thought you would have already “removed” us from your list of bloggers! But we were still there! Thank you so much!
      Well, for now…my writing interest is back but who knows what might happen? I think only bloggers know how tiring blogging really is. Late nights just to churn out content as soon as possible. T_T It’s only because I really love writing, sharing and recording that I’m still doing it. ^_~

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