Staycation at Festive Hotel: Day 1 Hotel Stay and Swim

Travel Period :  June 2016



It has been ages since we travelled. I was pregnant for almost the entire year of 2015 and couldn’t go anywhere much except Legoland Malaysia. We were desperately in need of a vacation.

As Ling is now almost 8 months old, we felt we could do a staycation at Sentosa Island. At least, if anything happens, we could still get things from the mainland (VivoCity) or head back home.

Thus, we packed two suitcases and had Dar bring his bag where he placed some toys and misc stuff. It is already the minimum we could packed, due to loads of baby stuff. Even the cab driver seemed surprised at our baggage just for a stay at Sentosa.

The journey began with her dozing off in the Tula carrier. She still needs to nap again in the morning right after breakfast. It took about an hour to reach the place. We were excited to see the Far Far Away Castle, signalling the beginning of our 3 days 2 nights staycation.


We arrived around 10.30am and was prepared to leave our luggage with them while we visit the S.E.A Aquarium, our first destination. Surprisingly, they allowed us to check-in early and we were at the room door at 10.48am! So glad that we do not need to worry about our luggage and could come back and rest soon!

The room was gorgeously decorated. We love it the moment we stepped in.

The Loft Bed which was reserved for Dar is separated from the main bedroom by an interesting Arch Entrance. He immediately climbed up the staircase to try out his bed. I was surprised it was so high up and steep! I noted that it might be slippery for him to climb with socks and told him not to wear it if he goes up.

The bathroom was spacious with a shower. Dar was slightly disappointed that there was no bathtub but we told him he could go to the nice swimming pool later. I’m also impressed that the children were given gifts matching to their gender when we checked-in. There was a plastic flat water bottle, a little ball, a pen and a bracelet that flashes light when pressed. We let them wear it for our trip to the S.E.A Aquarium.

As for bathing Ling, we placed her in this inflatable Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub. It could be packed in a small rectangular size and easily brought along for our travels. Unfortunately, she didn’t like this unfamiliar tub and would only stay in it for a little while. We couldn’t understand why she was so afraid of this cute duck and started crying after a minute in it. *shrug.

StaycationSentosa_06inflatableThe extra green sofa bed became where Ling and I slept for the night since I found the side of the requested cot too high for me to place her in and take her out for breastfeeding. The level of the cot wasnt adjustable and as you can see, there wasn’t much space to stand from the sides. It was also not suitable for her as her legs and hands could stick out and get jammed (see the pic). We only used it to place her in while we are busy and had Dar to watch over her and entertain her with toys.

Sleeping on the sofa bed wasnt comfy as it was still too small for the two of us and I couldnt turn much. The next night, I decided to move back to the bed and try to let her sleep in between us. It was difficult too as we were so worried about crushing her as the bed was too soft. In the end, I didnt have a good sleep at all. *panda eyes


We came back after our visit to the S.E.A Aquarium for the children to take a short nap before going for a swim. It was raining then so we kept hoping it would stop because this is the only day we could go for the swim (Adventure Cove tomorrow).

Fortunately, it did and we quickly changed into our swim wear and packed my iPhone in a waterproof case, which I could wear over my neck. The pictures were thus taken with the case and appeared blur (didn’t know since it was my first time using it).

We arrived at the pool area and found a kid’s pool at the left side where it was shallow enough for Dar. He was excited to walk in down the steps. Then, we placed the unsuspecting Ling into the baby float. She whined initially but got used to it after a while and just quietly float around with no expression. The $70 plus Splash About thermal swimsuit we bought for her specially for this trip was worth it! It is lined with thick fleece inside so she was kept warmed throughout, except for palms and feet.


I joined them but gasped when I first stepped into the children’s pool, as the water was icy cold after the heavy rain! It was a small pool and some children were already splashing. I didn’t want Ling to be disturbed so I moved her to another area where there were some small sprouting fountains from one side. It wasn’t ideal as she disliked water splashing on her face. I just keep to the other side and try to shield her a little. After getting used to the float, she could smile and laugh when I push her around in the water.


Dar loves the pool and had fun splashing around and moving underwater at times. He still doesn’t know how to swim properly yet though. Surprisingly, he wasn’t affected by the cold water at all even though he wasn’t wearing a thermal swim wear. However, we were still afraid of them catching a cold and decided to leave after 15 minutes in the water.

To summarise, the Festive Hotel Staycation was a refreshing experience for all of us! It had been so long since we did a staycation (first and only in 2012). This time, it was our first staycation as a family of four. There were also three places of attraction we had been wanting to go to, on Sentosa with Dar-Ling, and it came together with this room stay as part of the package.

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Itinerary for Singapore Staycation


For More Information, Check the Official Website.

Hotel Name: Festive Hotel
Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Festive Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, 098269
Price: MasterCard Exclusive: 3D2N Hotel & Multi-Attractions Package at S$678

Package includes:

  1. 2-night stay in Deluxe Family Room
  2. Two (2) Universal Studios Singapore Adult Dated 1-Day Passes
  3. Two (2) S.E.A Aquarium Adult Dated 1-Day Passes
  4. Two (2) Adventure Cove Waterpark Adult Dated 1-Day Passes

It’s still available this year until 31 Dec 2017.