Staycation at Festive Hotel: Day 1 S.E.A. Aquarium and Activities

Travel Period : Jun 2016


Day 1 Staycation Itinerary

  • Hotel Check-In, Lunch, S.E.A Aquarium, Hotel Swim, Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Lake of Dreams Show


After our hotel check-in, we had lunch at the Malaysian Food Street located in Resorts World Sentosa.
We tried out the Bak Ku Teh while Dar ate Nasi Lemak. The price of that was exorbitant (think around $6?) and there was no chicken wing! It was just rice, some peanuts (pathetic amount of ikan bilis) and eggs. I was surprised we need to pay more just to add one. We regretted ordering that for Dar, since our neighbourhood coffeeshop’s nasi lemak only costs $3 and has everything.
StaycationSentosa_Day1Foodmalaysianfoodstreet.jpgFortunately, the Bak Ku Teh was quite delicious so it soothed our disgruntlement. While waiting for Vin to come with the food, I fed Ling some home cooked purée (carrot, potato). At eight months old, she is drinking more of breast milk and eating a few spoonfuls of purees for lunch and dinner. I cooked them and packed them in baby food cubes stored in the freezer at home. So, for the three days of staycation, I brought them out in a cooler bag and deposited them in the hotel fridge to keep fresh. To defrost and warm up the purees, I brought along a baby bottle warmer.


We walked excitedly to our first place of interest for the day and visited the Maritime Experiential Museum first as it was linked to the S.E.A. Aquarium.

We had been here before when Dar was around 4 years old (only visited once 4 years ago!) He has forgotten most of the stuff he had seen, so he was excitedly looking at the exhibits all over again.
It was a short history walk showcasing different countries that traded with Singapore in the ancient times.


We reached the Shipwreck exhibition of the Aquarium first. Taking Ling out, we placed her on the ledge of the tank and asked Dar to hold onto her (while I take photos) in case she toppled backwards. He pointed out the fishes and treasure chest to her. She was quite curious about the scene in front of her and waved her hands about.After that, we decided to place her in our tula carrier with Vin carrying her so she could see better. With that, we walked into a  Tunnel with fishes swimming above and around us.


Reaching the Open Ocean habitat of the S.E.A Aquarium with its large viewing panel, we decided to sit right in front of the tank and relax for a while. It was nice to observe the Giant Manta Rays, sharks and various fishes swimming freely around. Ling was in her stroller and she seemed interested too, as her head turned left and right, looking at the scene in front of her.


Later on, when we moved to a side area to look at more fishes, a ray came up behind us and rest on a rock! We were so excited and kept taking pictures with it. It remained there for a long time for us to observe it. That made me think, are we the one being observed instead? Heh. I wonder how we looked on the opposite side of the tank, to these water creatures.


Alas, it was time to feed Ling and I had to rush through the remaining exhibits to find the nursing room (which is located near the Exit of the S.E.A. Aquarium). I had to take a quick glance at my favourite jellyfishes and go.The nursing room was part of a big baby room with changing station and water coolers. It had a comfy seat for which I’m glad.

Out of the baby room, we walked backwards inside to collect our souvenir photos of SEA Aquarium in a globe and large 8R size. It’s expensive but would make a good momento for her first holiday trip out of home with us.
Meanwhile, Ling kept playing with her lighted watch toy given by the Festive Hotel for children guests. Dar was wearing it too during our visit. She kept licking it so I took it away in the end.
At the souvenir shop, there were lots of cute stuff toys but we didn’t buy any. Instead, I tried on two accessories on Dar-Ling. Ling looked so funny with the Nemo hairband when she has no hair! I playfully swung a toy Manta Ray, to show her what she was looking at just now.



It started raining when we exited the S.E.A Aquarium, so we were glad to be able to head to nearby Festive Hotel for a rest. That’s the advantage of doing a staycation here in Resorts World Sentosa! More details about our swimming in the afternoon can be found in the first post about Festive Hotel.


Din Tai Fung is famous for its long queue where people are offered queue numbers to register themselves and be called later. We hate queuing for food so we usually give it a miss at shopping malls. At this branch in Sentosa, there was no queue at all and we were almost immediately sat at a table! Thus, we came back for this on the second night too because we love the food so much. Our favourite orders being Xiao Long Bao or pork meat dumplings. The gravy that would spurt out when you take a bite is so heavenly… Dar ate it for the first time since he was never interested in dumplings before and immediately loved it too!

As his main, he ate the Dumpling soup noodles. To say how delicious it was, for a boy who doesn’t like noodles, he ended up ordering this dish the next time we were in Din Tai Fung. I couldn’t eat noodles anymore (GF diet) so this time, I tried the signature egg fried rice with prawns or pork and loved it immediately! From then on, every time we are in Din Tai Fung, I would order that.



As we still have a long day ahead tomorrow for activities, we kept to staying at Resorts World in Day 1 and only went for the “Lake of Dreams” Water, Light and Fire Show. We found a spot at the audience stands in front of it and waited for the 9.30pm show to start. It is free and located right in the center of Resorts World. Frankly, we weren’t impressed with it and felt the music and movements could be better. I only remembered the Fire exploding out all of a sudden and how we could feel the heat a little even from afar. (I checked and there’s only 1 show at 11pm now)

>> If you want a better fountain show, try the ticketed show – “Wings of Time” at 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily (Get Premium Seats for a better view!). Read our review of Sentosa Wings of Time on our family blog 4 years ago when we saw it. Take The Sentosa Bus 1, 2 & 3 and alight at Beach Station Stop.


We headed back to rest soon after and prepared ourselves for more fun the next day at Adventure Cove!

3 Days 2 Nights Sentosa Staycation Itinerary:

{ MORE INFO on S.E. A Aquarium}

For More Information, Check the Official Website.

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, 098269
When: 10am to 7pm
Entry: Our Staycation Package with Festive Hotel came with two adults tickets and we bought a child ticket for Dar (Bring student pass to purchase!). Ling entered free.
Ticket Price usually: $30 for Adults /$18 for Children (Singaporeans & PRs), $34 for Foreigners / Child at $24. Child below 4 yrs old is free.