Staycation at Festive Hotel: Day 2 Adventure Cove & Luge

Travel Period :  Jun 2016



Dar had a good sleep on his loft bed and we got ready for our day at Adventure Cove Waterpark. The sky was so clear and it was already turning hot at 8.40am. We still had to eat breakfast first before going to the Waterpark.


We thought eating at ToastBox would be good since they had local food like Fish Ball Hor Fun Soup, which I could eat while Dar and Vin eat bread. With a simple meal, we could eat faster and head to the Waterpark early. Thinking we could come back later to get our waterplay stuff, we walked to the Resorts World Food Area.

Unexpectedly, there was already a crowd when we reached and it was hard to find a table at first. Soon, we settled down at 9.15am and the long queue meant waiting for our food for a long time for almost 25 minutes! It was a bad decision to eat there when we needed to play early.


After breakfast, we changed into our swim wear and walked to Adventure Cove with Vin carrying Ling all the way in the carrier. We didn’t want to take the stroller as we wouldn’t be able to store it anywhere at the Water Park. When we reached, it was already 10.55am! We really didn’t expect to start so late. The weather was already too hot then…

The first thing we did, was to put our belongings into a locker and apply sunblock.

Next, we headed to the Maze Adventure we had read about. To play safe, we asked the personnel whether a baby could go in and he said it was certainly suitable for the whole family.

We walked into the long passageways which was splashing waters through the top or sides. I had to cover Ling’s face at times and quickly ran through to prevenrt the water from getting into her eyes, She complained a little but was generally alright since we were carrying her. Dar and I wore goggles so we could safely walked through. It was fun wandering through the panels and discovering what lies ahead. It was just a small maze so we went in a second time through another route.

Vin and Dar went to tackle the Rope Course. There’s no minimum height requirement but parents must supervise the child. They were tied with a harness so there was no worry about falling off. It was Dar’s first time on such a rope course high above the ground and he was quite afraid initially, moving very slowly.

He had to take a break before moving to the next path each time. There was someone behind him so in order not to feel pressurised, Vin let him passed them first.

After a long slow walk, they finally made it. It seemed pretty tiring for Dar when I observed them from below. However, he said it was quite fun.


We went to the Big Bucket Treehouse and took turns to go down a few fun slides. Adults could also play but we all need to queue while waiting for the three slides, since only one person is allowed down at one time.

I’m glad for shades by the side so I could hide there with Ling at times and let her sit on the edge of the pool or our lap in the water. She is still too short to sit fully in the water.

By the way, we could wear our slippers to walk around as there are cubby holes for us to put them before we enter each area of play.


I went to feed Ling in the changing room (just a bench at the entrance) and she fell asleep soon after. There were a few options for food around. We settled on the Bay Restaurant.


Dar ate a tuna sandwich and someone gave him the free gift of submarine from his set meal. He loves it so much.


After lunch, she was still asleep in my arms so we went to the Bluwater Bay Wavepool, where there were deck chairs for me to sit on and hold her. Meanwhile, Vin and Dar went to float around using life-jackets.

She woke up soon and we all head out to have a good splash in the wavepool. I heard a click and was surprised to see an official photographer taking pictures of her. He then took a family photo for us too. We paid for the 8R photos after we exit Adventure Cove as a momento.

When it got too hot, Vin took her back to the deck chairs while I played with Dar in the pool. She was in a good mood and kept smiling.


We headed to Adventure River to play soon after. Though I’m a swimmer, I wore a lifejacket and held her in the tube float, in case we tipped over. It was hot but it was hard to shade her. so we get respite by passing through tunnels. The journey was nice, filled with plenty of things to look at.

There was a tunnel with fishes swimming above us, a tank of stingrays to look at, water fountains etc. I didn’t expect the course to be so long though, seeming neverending. In the middle of it, Ling fell asleep again!

Vin and Dar went for another round of Adventure River while I brought Ling to shower. It was quite difficult since she was screaming with the cold water splash. Fortunately, they have a changing table nearby for me to place her and there wasn’t a lot of people showering at that time. Vin and Dar went to shower after me and we went back to the hotel around 3 plus pm.

Actually, they could have stayed longer until closing time as there were many exciting water slides to play with but Dar doesn’t want to do those because he was too afraid. *Sigh.

It soon started raining very heavily again! Thus our plan to go to Fort Siloso had to be shelved again (scroll below for pictures of us doing it on another day).


At night, we decided to head to Luge instead. Even though we had been to Sentosa many times, this was our first time trying Luge, so we were quite excited. From Resorts World, we walked to Merlion Plaza’s Imbiah Station to take the Sentosa Monorail to Beach Station.

They took the Skyride up while I waited with Ling in the stroller and fed her porridge, after they seemed to be gone for a long time.

Vin told me that they had queued for a while to take the Skyride up. Going up in the Skyride slowly offered a fantastic view of the surrounding scenery.

When they reached, Dar spotted the model of the Sentosa Monorail from a souvenir shop and just had to buy it. That took sometime before they joined the queue again to take a Luge down. Dar sat with Vin in the same vehicle so he was not so afraid. Going down was exciting and fast as it was so dark in the forest. Dar kept asking him to do it slowly but Vin ignored him. >_<

I was too hungry and tired by then (waited for them for so long) to take my turn on the Luge with Dar. Not wanting to waste the tickets bought, both of them went up again and took the Luge down via another route. This time, it was faster since there was no need for the personnel to explain the safety rules to them.

For Dinner, we went back to our favourite restaurant, Din Tai Fung, again.


Fort Siloso

If it was not raining in the afternoon, one can visit the historical Fort Siloso. We specially came back for it on another day, walking through the Fort Siloso Skywalk and visited the various underground bunkers.

Palawan Beach

You can also head to Palawan Beach where the sea is calmer and there are some waterplay structures for kids behind the beach. The kids could also have fun at the Port of Lost Wonder, newly re-opened to public (We went to the paid one years ago). Also, we can watch the scheduled “Animal and Bird encounter” shows at the Palawan Amphitheatre and walk to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia via a hanging rope bridge.

3 Days 2 Nights Sentosa Staycation Itinerary:


For More Information, Check the Adventure Cove Website.

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Opening Time: 10am to 6pm
Ticket Price: $38 for Adults/ $30 for Child (4 -12yrs old). We had two adults tickets that come with the staycation package with Festive Hotel. Just had to purchase a child ticket for Dar.