Apr ’17 – New Look

We had been experiencing some slow loading page issues lately and something went wrong on Thursday. My new post just didn’t show up on the front page and it kept remembering the old one. 

Thus, I finally made a resolution to change the blog theme as it might be due to the skin that was causing all the loading problems. So far, the new theme is great and loading well although I’m still having problems at the backend with my admin. These few days had been tiring, trying to solve them! 



I’m loving the new theme with the huge slider which features my recently written posts or special posts prominently. Just when I was thinking how to show my recently written Vietnam posts when they are “back-dated”, this theme caught my eye.  Now I could show all of them separately and there’s even a “Recent posts” line-up at the side-bar of the blog if you noticed. 


For our current outdoor activities, you can see our newest images post on T.S.S Instagram at the bottom slider of the Travel Snap Stories Blog Page. It prettifies the page and help us to easily go to the particular image. I’m not too sure whether it would slow down the site at the moment so I would monitor it for a while.


Moving forward, I had created a category for each of the regions in the country we went to, sorting them by province, county or state. This would make searching for a required location easier and I could feature them separately if I want to, by categories. 


Also, I had been revamping the page, “Where We’ve Been” showcasing the countries and places with beautiful thumbnails of pictures we had taken ourselves. I sorted them according to Year this time, instead of regions in a country, since those are taken care of by the menu on the front page. 

The result of all these is that it’s easier to find the destinations you want to read about! (For myself too) 

You can read by

  • Destination categories in “Travel Destinations” page. 
  • Read by “Year we went to a destination, Countries, Places” in “Where We’ve Been” page.
  • Read by “Countries and Regions” using the Menu Bar. For example, Vietnam


As one of the Gallery plugins I used may cause loading problems, I’m looking to replace it with WordPress’s own gallery. Trouble is, a lot of my photos when I started the blog, uses this Gallery plugin and  thus, I would have to re upload all my photos again to the blog’s gallery and re-insert into every posts that used it! Over 250 galleries… argh, that would take a long time…#theregoesmysleep

Why is it important for you to know? Because there may be certain image loading issues while I’m trying to change it at the backend, so please bear with us for a while if you happen to see a page looking strange. 

Since I’m doing re-uploads again, I thought I should take the opportunity to re-do the images so they are bigger, clearer and fit better into the current theme. I would also like to watermark my pictures which I didn’t initially. Yes, that means more work… also many of my pictures weren’t edited nicely (was obsessed with colour filters four  years ago). 

With the change, the posts would look nicer with better details as I’m enlarging them 2x so they can display well on retina screen. I also have Adobe Lightroom now to edit my pictures when I had been using Adobe Elements in the past. For a long while, I had been hating how the pictures look since I use a Mac. I can’t wait to show you what the places really look like, certainly not as blur or gloomy as now on screen! (They were saved in lower resolution and size)


Time has passed since I last mentioned about our upcoming trip in end May. So soon that we are left with four more weeks before we fly!  I will reveal the destination as we go closer to the dates and after I’m done with updating posts. I’m left with posts on our staycations and last year’s trip to Phuket. Gotta clear space for new and upcoming posts! 

We are going to get busy with things to buy for the trip because Dar-Ling need more clothes for warmth. It’s going to be an “air-conditioned” weather over there but they own only summer light clothing mostly. We are also training to go more natural places each weekend, so we could be more energetic when we do some hikes in the destination country. 

Do follow us to know what’s coming up! 

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