Phuket: Day 2 – Tuk Tuk & Patong Beach

Travel Period :  Oct 2016



Dar wanted to take the Tuk Tuk as we walked out of the restaurant after lunch. Since he had earlier wanted to buy a toy sports car, at the shop near the main entrance of the hotel, we decided to take the Tuk Tuk there. The driver quoted us 200 baht, an expensive ride for a short trip. We agreed however since it would be a first time experience for all of us.


It was quite a long ride as the street is one-way and he had to make almost a complete turn to go there. Due to the open air windows, it was a windy ride. We got to look at the street shops and check out where the seafood restaurants were – our goal for tonight’s dinner.


Dar was tired and requested to take a nap. So, we had no choice but to wait for him to wake up and go to the beach in the evening. Ling didn’t want to sleep anymore so I had to look after her and prevent her from taking and throwing things. When it grew too late, we woke him up and went to the beach. The sun was almost setting then. It was a nice feeling to be here on Patong Beach finally, after years of talking with Vin about visiting. (We came here more than a decade ago at night for two hours, as a stopover from a cruise trip but didn’t know how the beach was like).


Vin accompanied Dar at the beach playing with water and sand while I sat with Ling on the beach mat.

Love the huge expanse of sand for us to walk on…

I wasn’t prepared to let her walk on the sand as I thought she might grab them and eat it. Therefore, I didn’t dress her in swim wear. However, she was quite bored on the mat so I started giving her a scoop and showing her how to scoop sand at the side.


In the end, it became scooping onto the mat and throwing sand in front of her feet. She was serious about scooping and kept doing it.

We changed over for a while so I could go down to photograph Dar by the beach. He was digging sand tunnels for his toy boat to move but the sand was too soft. When he finally dug enough, there would a sudden swept of waves which covered them all up again. Nevertheless, he had fun.



The next morning, we headed to the beach right after swimming in the pool and it was a glorious sunny low tide. Read more about it in the next post, where we spent more time on Patong Beach.

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