Phuket: Day 3 – Patong Beach Morning & Evening

Travel Period :  Oct 2016


{ Read our first experience on Patong Beach on Day 2 Evening }


The next morning, we headed to the beach right after swimming in the pool and it was a glorious sunny low tide. This time, we are intending to spend whole morning until afternoon at the beach. Hence, we rented a beach seat for 200 baht with a sun umbrella, so Ling and I could rest under the shade. Vin brought Dar to play with the sand again. We left our belongings at the beach seat and took Ling to play with the seawater.

It was Ling’s first time in the seawater and sand. She was shocked and whined when the waves hit her. We didn’t immediately take her out however, as I wanted her to get used to it more.


Soon, it became too hot to stay long in the sun so I left Vin and Dar to play and went back to our shade. Ling hates any hat on her, so I have no choice but to always bring her to shade as her hair was too little for protection.

Patong Beach on Sand Seat

Back at our rented seat, Ling played with the sand for a while until she decided to eat it! I was horrified and quickly wiped her hands and lips full of sand. After that, I didn’t dare to let her play and she started getting restless on my lap. I then rocked her to sleep in my arms.

Meanwhile, Vin and Dar decided to play with the Jet Ski and went off to fun while I stayed in the beach seat with her in my arms. I stayed because I was curious how they would do it and I thought it would be quite boring to stay in the room alone with her sleeping. Thus, I sat there and watched them zoomed around the sea.

Patong Beach Jet Ski

Patong Beach Jet Ski Scenery

It was a bad decision as it got really hot and my arms ached carrying her. I got tired and thirsty too, waiting for them to come back (we forgot to bring more water).

Before their jet-ski experience, the person took a photo of them and printed it out, inserting it into a paper photo frame. I had been thinking how to take a photo of them on it so this was what I needed! It wasn’t too expensive and it would be nice momento of their first Father-Son jet-ski experience. 

Patong Beach Souvenir

Finally, we left when it was 1pm plus. We still had to bathe and eat our lunch (Read about the food experience here).


We went back to the beach in the evening after our rest, for the third time! The sun was setting and the sky looked magnificent. The tide had receded to far back and it was nice to wade in the soft sand and low seawater. We placed our stuff on the beach mat and just took the iPhone and money in the waterproof case.

Patong Beach Wide Sand

With the nice setting sun on the left side, I captured them on the beach with their silhouettes.

Patong Beach Sunset

We got Ling in a float, thinking to float her along the waves. However, the waves were still too strong and washed over her, making her afraid and whiny. In the end, we gave up the float and just carried her.

Halfway through, Dar had stomach ache so Vin brought him to the hotel toilet. (Little did I know, it was the start of something bad…) Since I didn’t want to go back to the mat while waiting for them, I let Ling sit down on the wet sand to play with scooping. She got really engrossed in it and kept repeating her actions, scooping and throwing the sand over her feet.

Patong Beach Ling Sandplay

He came back, played for a while and needed to go again! I was puzzled but stayed on the beach with Ling playing with the sand, because Dar said he wanted to continue.

Meanwhile the sky started turning dark. Most people left and the tide grew higher. I kept moving her back from the waves coming in and intended to go back when they didn’t appeared. Finally, Dar came back and wanted to play some more but it was too dark and unsafe with the rising waters. He was so disappointed.

We went back, tired but satisfied with our beach play and went off in search of dinner at the resort. This was our final night in Phuket.

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