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Travel Period :  Oct 2016


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While we are planners and usually read up on food recommendations in a country or place we are visiting, we didn’t do it this time for our Phuket Trip. I was more in a “I want to getaway” mood and didn’t want to plan anything for this particular beach vacation. Coming back, I actually regretted not planning…

Hence, this is more of a food experience post than a “recommendation” post because not all places we tried and tasted was good…



Stepping out of the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, we were happily intending to do some food exploration when it started raining!

We quickly entered the nearest restaurant we saw and ordered our first Thai dinner in Phuket. We were the only customers but the food still took some time to come. Due to the rain, we couldn’t go elsewhere either so we just chit-chatted for a while.


The pineapple rice came nicely decorated, but on tasting it, it was not what we were used to. It was bland and tasted more like fried rice. Dar had fish and chips but it was too salty and he couldn’t finish.

Our favourite dish in Thai cuisine is Tom Yum Goong and we would always order that. This time, it was disappointing to us too, since it was too spicy even though we asked for less/no spice. We wondered if this was “less spicy”, then what was the original? It was already too spicy for us!


Yesterday’s dinner was disappointing so today, we decide to walk further down the streets to look for a better restaurant. We were pestered by someone promoting their restaurant which sells Thai and Chinese food. The prices seemed okay so we took up the offer.

We ordered Pineapple fried rice, Tom Yum Soup and Pad Thai.

We asked for less spicy soup but it was still spicy. They had to change it for us. The rest of the food was okay but they forgot my order while Vin and Dar almost finished eating. The staff went to place the order and we waited. When it was again too long, the person went to ask and it seemed that they forgot the order again! How could the service be so bad? They forgot my order twice.

We were kept waiting for a long time just for the food. In the end, the Pad Thai that came was too sweet for me after a while. Due to this, we wasted a lot of time when we intended to go round exploring more. We never went back again…So frustrating!


We chose to eat at Burger King for our third day in Phuket, because we didn’t trust the restaurants on Patong Beach anymore. Alas, it might be due to this very place that Vin and Dar contacted stomach flu, which damage the rest of our vacation.

They had diarrhoea and stomach churns in the late evening. Dar had a mild case while Vin’s was extremely bad. I didn’t contact the illness even though I also ate at Burger King. Vin said he felt it might be the lemon tea they drank since he did feel the taste was a little weird. I didn’t drink the tea though I share the fries so it couldn’t be the food… hmm. We still aren’t sure however. This was in fact the first time this happened to us on a vacation, because we could even even eat street food in different countries with no problems.



We ate at a seafood restaurant the second night because we really want to experience a seafood meal at the beach. I was surprised there weren’t many restaurants to choose from. We could only find two after walking down the long stretch of shops. Finally, we decided to settle for one where there were quite a lot of people.

To give it credit, the food was prepared well and tasty, but I think we over ordered. After selecting prawns, wrapped chicken and fish from the menu, Vin went to the front area filled with seafood, to select a fish I wanted. Alas, he didn’t know it was too big and thus, costs a lot (measured by kilograms). If I had seen it with him, I would have cancelled it or other orders.

I felt the waiter could have advise us but he didn’t (happy to get money from us, eh?). We ended up with a hefty seafood bill (abt SGD$80-90?) and couldn’t finish our meal.



This was the best meal we had in Phuket so far and surprisingly, it was more affordable than the meals along Patong Beach. Where was it? 

It’s right in Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, next to the exclusive villa pools (Busakorn Wing), named “Charm Thai”. The description on the Holiday Inn Website states:

Set in a breezy open-air sala by the pool, Charm is the perfect place for a romantic evening meal. Charm Thai also offers a lavish breakfast buffet spread, offering a delectable array of Asian and Western favourites, tropical fruits and bakery items, as well as a lunch menu for refuelling by the pool. 

When we first approached the restaurant by the pool, we were astonished at the darkness and thought it wasn’t opened. It turned out, they were trying to create a ‘romantic atmosphere’ with nice candle lighting and dim orange light. I’m glad they didn’t mind us bringing our kids over here to dine. With a toddler that could create a lot of noise, we might disturb honeymoon couples and make them steer clear of children for ever. *chuckle. 

We ordered a set which consists of Coconut Chicken Soup, Pineapple Rice, Vegetables , Fish and Prawn Appetisers. As for Dar, his kid’s meal came free due to us ordering the set. What a nice initiative! We had a tinge of regret discovering this place so late because the food was really delicious and reasonable priced. Alas, Dar couldn’t eat much of his spaghetti as he was still having tummy aches.

I love the Coconut Chicken Soup which was something new I hadn’t tried before. Maybe I could order that next time instead of always Tom Yum Goong. I also enjoyed the fried fish with some spicy gravy.

Halfway through the meal, Vin started feeling unwell with bloated stomach and couldn’t eat much of the food too! I couldn’t finish them all so it was quite a waste.

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