Phuket: Holiday Inn Resort Swim

Travel Period : Oct 2016



After breakfast, we decided to take a look at the beach first since we were near.

Thus, we walked across the pool area to the exit, where right outside was a pedestrian crossing to Patong Beach. Turning right, we could walk down the streets with shops and restaurants (which was where we headed for dinner last night). The security guard at the exit immediately went across the road to help us slow the traffic so we could cross the road safely.

I realised when we reached, that we were too early for the beach. After a stormy heavy rain last night, the beach was quite dirty with many rubbish washed up. Someone was sweeping them up as we explored. There were special sand seats with foam mats on them, which I expect cost some money.

A tinge of disappointment welled up as I didn’t expect the beach to look so dirty. I hoped it would look much better when the sun comes out and the tide is low.


We went back to explore more of the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket. Curious about a building next to the kid’s pool, we stepped inside to enquire. It was actually a well-furnished kid’s club with plenty of toys for toddlers to kids! To play, we had to register the kid and leave him there. For infants, a parent had to stay with them.

Though the place looked inviting, we were here for the swimming, so we stayed for a only a moment before heading to change into our swimwear upstairs.

*Dar would never want to be alone by himself while on vacation, so we didn’t utilise the kid’s club at all.


Kid’s Pools

We went back to our room to change to our swimsuits, applied sunblock and went down again. The lift right next to the children’s pool was really convenient.

Stepping in… wow, the water was cold! Probably due to the storm last night. Brr…It took a while before I finally got used to it.

Dar quickly got on a whale float, which was one of the many play toys in the water provided by the hotel.

Vin brought Ling into her baby float and she happily moved her legs while sitting in it. She didn’t fuss at all and enjoyed us moving her around. She just didn’t like to go near the splashing fountain as water kept going into her eyes.


There was a small slide where Dar had the most fun. He kept going up on it and slid down many times.

Soon, a staff appeared with a competition for the kids. The staff threw several balloons filled with water into the pool. The kids were to retrieve the coloured balloons and placed them into the buckets at the edge of the pools. It was a fun initiative as the kids scrambled to get them. There were only a few kids however, so the game ended very quickly. Dar didn’t join in and just watched from the sides but wanted a water balloon to play with. Hence, we took two balloons from the staff to fill up with water and let Ling play with one.

Adult’s Pools

Satisfied with this pool, we walked over to the breakfast area with more children and adult pools. The adult pool was better for us as we could swim in depth of 1.4-1.5m.

I let Ling sit in her float in the wading pool for a while since she was still too small for the depth (reaches to Dar’ knees). Very soon, I grew bored and brought her down to the adult pool area with Vin and Dar. We could take turns to look after her while the other person goes for a swim. Dar wasn’t tall enough for the pool but he could still grasp the sides and swim a little.


There was even a jacuzzi pool with shelter, for us to sit and massage our backs.

Soon, the afternoon sun at 12pm came out and strong rays shone on us. We had been in the waters for about an hour. It was time to go back so Ling would not be harmed by the rays (she refuses any headwear). It was also time for her nap.

Vin wanted to swim a while more in the adult pool so I went back with Ling on my own.

We had brought along the inflatable duck bathtub which we had used during our first staycation. She still dislikes it this time and refused to sit inside. Thus, I had to bathe her together using the spray and she hated it! I had no choice but to force her through it quickly. She soon fell asleep after milk. I love that the cot provided by the hotel was a travel-sized cot, which was easy for me to put her in and out of it for breastfeeding. There was even a pillow and blanket provided. We didn’t use it however as we had brought along her own pillow, so that she would feel familiar even with a change of environment and sleep better.


Dar didn’t want to take a nap after his swim as he was so eager to look at other parts of the resort. Thus, Vin brought him around for a walk.

Together, they found the memorial board of the Tsunami Incident and the more secluded pools of the Villas, exclusively for the guests (no kids allowed). They were off until I called them back at around 1pm for lunch.

The Villa Pools were beautifully designed
Outside the Resort Hotel, Streets of Patong Beach

While walking out of the main entrance of the resort, they spotted a toy shop on the streets. Dar wanted to buy a vehicle but Vin didn’t agree, as he felt there could be other toy shops along the streets and wanted to explore more later.

Soon, we headed out for lunch and explore the streets of Patong Beach. In the evening, we stepped onto Patong Beach for the first time. Read more about it in upcoming posts!

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