Phuket: Sickness and (Almost) Missed Flight

Travel Period :  Oct 2016


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We had always been fortunate not to experience anything bad during our travels overseas so far. However, this trip to Phuket seemed to be the full of incidents that smeared some of our beautiful memories.


After Dar experienced stomach pains while we were at the beach on the last night of our stay, Vin started having diarrhoea too after dinner, for the entire night!

It was why we couldn’t go much to explore on our last night in Phuket. He couldn’t even finish the delicious dinner in the resort restaurant as he started feeling strange with bloatedness in the stomach.

In the morning, Vin was pale and couldn’t eat much breakfast. We knew that there was a clinic right in Holiday Inn Resort so he went to get some medicine from the hotel clinic, where a nurse prescribed it for him. Dar wasn’t feeling well too with bloated stomach and some cramping, so he took some electrolytes to drink. We believed that they might had contacted stomach flu. Vin was in a bad condition and they rested the whole morning before leaving for the airport. Thus, we couldn’t do anymore exploration.

Phuket Patong Street
Phuket Patong Street


We decided to check in early for our flight and left the hotel soon after. As we were still early for boarding (2 hours) and there doesn’t seemed to be dining options inside the departure hall, we decided to dine outside on the second storey. I ordered a Thai Express meal while Vin and Dar tried to eat some porridge.

phuket international airport food

We took our own sweet time to go there 20 minutes before our departure time’s last call but discovered to our horror, there was long queue for passport checks that reached until almost the entrance!

We panicked and even checked with the personnel whether they could let us go ahead first because the last call was soon. However, they insisted we would be on time and refused to budge. (poor service…I feel. As it’s not due to us not being in time, but the slow checks at the counter). We were in the queue for 25 ~30 mins and missed the time for last call!

Immediately, after going through the baggage check, some Silk Air staff called out to us upon seeing our sticker, asking whether the number she was holding, was our flight. I realised I didn’t know the flight number and couldn’t answer her!

At that moment, Vin was held back by someone behind the electronic door because a receipt had fell out of his pocket onto the ground. The person’s purpose? To check whether the paper was his and he had to verify his details, to show that it was his! Argh! We were already in a rush for time. Really, why do they care about a piece of paper receipt?! O_O

I kept shouting across to Vin and asked him, if that flight number was ours. The SIlk Air staff was getting pretty agitated and angry with me each second I couldn’t answer her, while I was trying to tell her my husband is over there, across! She thought I didn’t understand English and kept repeating. Sigh. Next time, I had better memorised the flight number too… who knows it would come to this?

Finally, Vin managed to shake off that person and came over, where he confirmed the flight. The flight attendants then rushed us through the aisle, helping us to take our luggage. It was such a commotion! We were indeed the last ones to board the plane and the moment we were seated, the plane took off. I wonder if the other passengers were blaming us for the 5 mins delay but really, it wasn’t our fault! 

If you are taking a flight out of Phuket International Airport, do take note of this and go through the departure hall early for passports checks! You never know when a large group of travellers would suddenly appear to take flights at the same time!


Ling fussed around and played with the magazines, throwing them onto the floor. We didn’t want the bassinet this time as she refused on our first flight. I nursed her to sleep and carried her all the way in my arms. We arrived in Singapore after a short flight of 1.5 hours around 6.10 pm. She was still fast asleep and I baby-carried her while waiting for our stroller to come.

It was bad service by Silk Air this time, because we waited for a long time for it to come. We were the first to get off but stood there at the departure bridge until the last passengers got off, to receive our Maclaren stroller. (Strange isn’t it? Since we were the last to board?) It’s not nice when you have a 9kg baby strapped to you and have no where else to wait. When we finally reached the luggage area, our luggages were already off the conveyor belt, alone and waiting to be claimed. Due to this, we purchased a Pockit Stroller which could be carried on board as hand-carry luggage and would be bringing it on our next trip.


The first thing we did after reaching home was to go to our nearby clinic to see the doctor. Vin and Dar for stomach flu and me for peeling, itchy skin on my palms. They were immediately better after taking the medicine.

We didn’t buy much things this time since we bought Thailand souvenirs before from our Koh Samui Trip. The only souvenirs we bought were a fridge magnet, a Lexus toy die-cast car and the photograph from the JetSki experience.

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