Print Our Blog Name Card

“Oh, where are you guys from?” A traveler we met on the road asked.

We then chit-chatted about the places we had travelled to. It led to us talking about having a travel blog and the usual question starts.

“You guys have a travel blog? Cool? What’s the URL?”

We would then try to say, “You can read it at! Travel…then..snap…s.n.a.p…stories…sto..” etc. *blame us for getting such a long name. By the time we finished, I think they had forgotten the first part. T_T

This happened a few times and it really made me want to get a business card of our website very badly. However, I was always so busy with the children and we stopped travel writing for a while until this year.

The idea finally formed when we booked our new trip in May. I really want to get a card, in case we meet someone friendly on the road again or found a business that we really like and want to rave about to our readers. We could show them our card with the blog URL and told them we would be writing about them! Well, it works both ways as they could help us to get more readers too.

It happened at this time that Gogoprint contacted me and they were providing business printing services! It was just what I needed, so I didn’t mind doing this review.


I set about creating my name card design after finding out from their informative blog post on “Making Your Own Business Cards using Microsoft Word“. I had to find out from there because the actual dimensions needed were not really stated on the ordering page. As in, we always need to design a “bigger” picture than what is really printed, for them to cut the prints into card sizes later. The document was also useful for introducing me to free icon vectors on the web for us to download and use in our design.

Since it was my first time designing a name card, I was a little disappointed that there were no templates for us to use to design and order. The sales support told me they are working on it and would be offering them soon. I’m proficient in graphic design so I didn’t mind and ended up sourcing image inspirations from Google and Pinterest. However, if someone didn’t know how to, they might probably have to look at online tutorials or hire a designer to do it for them.

To design a print document, one would usually need a software and convert it to PDF for upload to print. I do not have Microsoft word since I’m using a Mac and I don’t have Adobe Illustrator either. So how did I do it? I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and created my document in CMYK colour. I then designed two image files and exported them to PDF format. Frankly, I’m not even sure whether I did it correctly with the extra bleed (inches added to edges of the original artwork for printing allowances ) and dimensions I had to take care of, to prevent words being cut off at the edges. Since I wasn’t contacted by the staff after I uploaded, I assumed I did it alright.


The ordering process was easy and choice on the different types of print-outs clearly listed. I chose the most expensive options, “Rounded Corners with Laminated Surface“. Once you enter your postal code, you could also see the different total pricing according to the date you need them delivered. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I chose the cheapest option, which was 10 days later. I like that we could clearly see how much it would cost, while selecting the different options. This is especially important to people with a budget.

You can definitely choose the next few business days once you ordered, to receive your product but it would be more expensive. The quantity is minimum 100 pieces. I actually do not need so many but no choice on that. Once you paid, you are ready to upload the artwork. If there are any problems, they will contact you about it.


The design:

This was my design. The background and image (“Adventure Out There”) are from a digital scrapbook kit I bought from Scotty Girl called Fancy Free (she’s no longer selling digital kits). The Travel.Snap.Stories Logo was designed by me when we started the website.

I placed the Blog URL and my name, title, as the focus. Social media links at the side since I’m somewhat active on them too and the blog has followers. I didn’t print my mobile contact since I prefer them to contact me by email first.

The print result:

Yeah! I finally have my own name card! I hope it looks nice to you too?

It was hand-delivered to me, to my doorstep in the evening, after a confirmation email was sent in the morning.

The cut of the balloons on the final card was a little off from what I envisioned but I’m overall satisfied with the print colours, which was close to the original, except darker. That’s what I expected from print. I chose lamination to make it special but the result looked a little like those membership cards you get from stores…hmm, maybe I should choose matt surface next time.

Even though my blog is a non-business entity and is currently only for personal interest, what’s the use of working so hard to write articles when nobody reads them? With these, I could go out into the world and spread them, so more people will come read our blog of travel stories! ^_~

Disclosure: gave me some printing credits for review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions about the service and photos shown are genuinely mine.