Staycation at Festive Hotel: Day 3 Activities USS

Travel Period :  Jun 2016



For our last and 3rd day of the Sentosa Staycation, we decided to try breakfast at the restaurant inside Festive Hotel itself, “PappaMia” and to my surprise, the food was good! I immediately told Vin that we should have just eaten here yesterday, instead of at Toastbox. There was no queue and the seats were so comfortable. We quickly headed to Universal Studios Singapore after the good breakfast, eager to start the day of theme park fun!


We had our adult tickets as it came with the staycation promotion and just had to get Dar’s. However, I had forgotten to remind Vin to get it online and there was a long queue waiting to buy tickets to enter.

It was a long wait for Vin to come back with the ticket. By the time we entered, it was already late morning and time to feed the baby. Thus, I could only head to the baby room near the entrance while Vin brought Dar to play, at two rollercoasters they had in mind. He wanted to go there first before a long queue forms.


Fortunately, the queue was still relatively short at Far Far Away castle, so it wasn’t long before they tried the Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey & Enchanted Airways.
Before boarding, Dar’s face didn’t look good (in the photo). Vin said he had to keep reassuring Dar that it was not terrifying to take the ride. However, he was still scared during the Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey ride and was relieved when it was over. The Enchanted Airways was a much milder ride for younger children so he was alright with that.


After you become a parent with a young child, the most visited area in a place of interest, would have to be the baby room! That’s almost the first place I look for when I enter, because I had to feed her so many times and change her diapers.

Stepping inside, I was surprised to see a secluded room at the back, specially for nursing with two curtained areas. If we are alone with no one to look after the stroller, we could park the stroller right outside the curtains in the room.

There was a kitchen with sink, a hot and cold water dispenser for preparation of formula milk or great for us to fill up water-bottles. A changing table was beside the huge kitchen area.

At the entrance was a waiting area with comfortable sofas and a television showing cartoons to entertain older kids. I didn’t like that as it was quite noisy. When she fell asleep after breastfeeding and someone came to feed beside me, I was worried the baby next door would wake her up. Thus, I pushed her out to the sofa area. Alas, the tv sounds and someone asking me a question still woke her up in the end!

I informed Vin that Ling had woken up so he headed back to the nursing room with Dar to find us. We then strolled her around the Universal Studios to take some pictures against the beautiful backgrounds.


We reached the Lost World and decided to take the “Dino-Soarin” ride. This time, Vin took care of Ling while Dar and I queued for the ride. It was a long wait as there were people holding express passes with priority. They even thoughtfully provided a water cooler in the middle of the queue for us and I told Dar to go ahead and drink some water.

Finally, after a long time, we boarded the ride and Vin took some photos of us. I had taken this kind of ride before, so I knew pressing a button would lift us high up. Thus, Dar took the task of pressing it. It was nice to be soaring in the sky for a few rounds and he enjoyed himself.

After this, we queued for “Madagascar: A Crate Adventure“, a boat-ride through a dark tunnel with characters at the sides. Vin continued to look after Ling elsewhere while waiting for us. The characters would lit up and tell their story when we passed by.

At the end of the ride, there was a surprise! There was a water curtain and we were informed that we would get wet. I was apprehensive when suddenly, a gush of wind blew out at us from the side. We all jumped in shock! The force blew Dar’s hat off and I panicked for a moment. Turning around, I realised it had fallen behind us at the foot of some people. Fortunately! Well, without revealing too much, we didn’t get wet in the end…


It was time for our late lunch. Since re-entry was allowed, we exited the USS to look for food. We were amazed at the variety of food choices in Insadong Korean Town and just had to try it.

It was an interesting system as we had to order the food from a machine, paid for it and collect the food when it was ready. Dar and me had Western while Vin had Japanese curry. The food was delicious and we would most likely be back again next time!


On Re-entry, I’m back to the nursing room again because she needs to drink milk and nap. With an eight-month old, it is difficult to fully enjoy the Theme Park. We can only try our best to fit in the activities according to her schedule.

To not waste time, Vin and Dar went to watch the WaterWorld Show while I was stuck in the nursing room. I hadn’t watched it before but from the pictures, it seemed spectacular. I was slightly disappointed about missing it.

After feeding her, we went for the “Lights, Camera, Action Hosted by Steven Spielberg Show“. I was quite impressed with the special effects. Later on, we were ushered into an area behind a fence and facing a stage which soon turned into a setting for a Category 5 major hurricane about to hit New York City. Hurricane-force winds started gushing at us. A cargo ship and debris moved across the water.. The effects felt so real! I think Ling got afraid only at the last bit and started wailing.

We explored around the “Wharf” area for a bit more before calling it a day because I was tired and beginning to feel sick. Dar loves the vintage cars parked around the Universal Studios and just had to take a photo with each of them.

To summarise, we had a memorable first vacation away from home with two children. Even though it was tiring with the constant nursing, we found it do-able. We could still complete activities and had some fun bonding. Ling was surprisingly manageable and enjoyed the outdoors sight-seeing with a happy mood. Due to this, we were more confident of making an overseas trip and later made one, to Kuala Lumpur.


For More Information, Check the Official Website.

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Opening Time: 10am -7pm
Ticket Price: Adult – $76 | Child – $56. There are lots of bundles and discounts offer online. Check the official page.