Travelling to South Korea – May June 2017


I thought it was impossible for us to travel too far these few years due to our toddler. However, an invitation to visit Seoul, South Korea came in my inbox and I couldn’t resist. Casually, I asked Vin whether he could make time for it since he had been busy in his new job which started two years ago. He thought about it and said it was possible! Hence, one thing led to another and we would be travelling soon to South Korea for 1 week! 

Why am I excited about visiting South Korea? I don’t watch Korean drama nor like to shop. Well,  I have two items on my travel bucket list:

  1. Eat authentic Korean food in Korea and
  2. Visit Jeju Island for the nature places.


Since I first saw Jeju Island in a Korean drama (“My Girl”) I watched many years ago with Vin, it became my dream to visit it. We are nature fanatics, not so much of shopping fans. Therefore, reading Travel Snap Stories Blog, you would have noticed us doing more of natural, historical and cultural places itineraries. The scenery in Jeju Island looked amazing. I especially love the coastal walk and would want to do it! 

How does it feel to walk on Mt. Hallasan? Yes, we are going to experience that!


As for Seoul, we knew little about it since we hadn’t watch Korean drama for a long time. I think we had only ever watched 5 dramas as a couple and when Dar was very little. They were mostly Love Comedies, not the soapy teary kind. 

From slowly researching various blogs and reading up on the South Korea Tourism board’s pages, Trip advisor forums, we finally firmed up the places we would like to see in Seoul and Jeju. They are mostly Historical, Cultural and Natural places with some shopping streets and markets.

Travel Snap Stories Map Of Seoul
Dar saw this and said, “Seoul looks like a maple leaf”

By the way, there are so much information on South Korea all over the Internet! So many bloggers wrote and video-logged about it. It’s such a hot place to visit for young people. We would thus be adding similar blog entries to these pool but the experience would be different since we are travelling with children – especially with a 19-months-old toddler.

Adding to this, my elderly parents decided to tag along with us! It would be their second international trip to faraway places so I’m a bit nervous whether they would enjoy what we had planned in our itineraries. Also, there may be more delays with the bigger group so we might not finish our planned itineraries. Guess, we would have to be more flexible for this trip.


We are going to try AirBNB for the first time for Jeju because of our large group. For the other two accommodations in Seoul, they are Guesthouses, due to the affordability. One of the Guesthouse accommodations, is the one we are invited to and would be reviewing. For our last night in Seoul, we decided to change to a more central location.


This trip was somewhat new and difficult in planning because we didn’t realise a toddler needs so many items for travelling! It was so different from our Kuala Lumpur Trip or Thailand Phuket trip as this is for 7 days in two different areas. Also, with the increase in family members, we need bigger rooms and the rooms in Korea are so tiny!

A List of places/itineraries we are planning for Seoul:

  1. The Palaces : Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palaces and Secret Garden
  2. Markets: Dongdaemum and Myeongdong
  3. N-Seoul Tower
  4. Lotte World Tower (5th Tallest and Just Opened!)
  5. Seoul Grand Park
  6. Hongdae Area (one of our guesthouses is located near there)
  7. Insadong
  8. Bukchon Hanok Village
  9. Korean Folk Village
  10. National Museum of Korea

Here’s a link to a useful Jeju Map in English which I googled and printed so we could map out the places in the same areas, while planning the Jeju Itinerary.

Jeju Island Planned Itinerary Places:

  1. Sunrise Peak
  2. Hallasan National Park Trail (To walk a little)
  3. Seongaksan Costal Walk
  4. Manjanggul Lave Cave
  5. Halim Park
  6. The Waterfalls – Cheongjiyeon and Jeongbang Waterfall
  7. One of the B‘eaches
  8. Osulloc Tea Museum
  9. The Markets – Seogwipo Olleh Market (as we would be staying at the South)


For this trip, we decided last-minute to book a separate seat for Ling too. We were planning to bring our car seat but found out that Korea Airlines actually has baby seat, which we could reserve for our flight. That would save a lot of trouble! Hopefully, it would be comfy enough for the little one. Let’s find out later!

>>>> Read this Post: Back From South Korea: Summary Highlights as the follow-up! Did we succeed in completing all these itineraries?