South Korea Accommodation: ROinhome Guesthouse

Travel Period :  30 May – 5 June 2017

SEOUL 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS STAY (From 30 May to 1st Jun)


Seoul wasn’t in our initial plan for the June Holidays. We were introduced to Roinhome Guesthouse through an email invitation and decided to take up the offer to travel to South Korea after researching more about it. (Read about why we travelled to South Korea )

To firm up details, we had frequent conversations via Facebook Messenger with Jenny from ROinhome (Facebook Page). She was very helpful and responded promptly despite our many queries and requests. She could converse very well in English and Chinese. This boosted our confidence in traveling there without able to converse in Korean at all. ^^|

Through Facebook, we made arrangements with ROinhome for airport transfer from Incheon International Airport at a competitive rate with the fixed-rate taxi services there. This arrangement helped greatly as we need not worry about carrying the numerous luggage we had and that we would arrive safely at the doorstep of the guesthouse.

It was a 50-minutes journey from the airport and Jenny was there to welcome us upon our arrival. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the garden and exterior of ROinhome and the others busied themselves with exploration and photo-taking while I settled the administrative matters with her.


We had booked two rooms and were glad that one of the rooms were already cleaned up and ready to be checked in, although it was only 10:14 am when we arrived. We could thus parked our luggage in our parent’s room and washed up a little from our long flight from Singapore (normal Check-in time is at 2pm and check-out time at 11am).

ROinhome had also kindly provided a triple room for our parents (even though we had booked a double-room) because they felt it would be more spacious and comfortable. 


This was how their Triple Room looked like: 1 Double-Bed and 1 Single Bed with bathroom:We came back late at night after dinner on Day 1 of our trip. Stepping in for the first time, the family room felt cosy under the orange lighting. This was how our Family Room looked like: 2 Double-Beds with bathroom.

We had a view of the roads outside but didn’t see much since we were out and about until very late for the 2 nights we stayed.

The bed was comfortable for the four of us, just that it was a little high. We had to keep a lookout for Ling who always tried to get down herself and ended up sliding down instead. Once, I looked away and she fell into the luggage we placed in the middle of the room. 

There were only two minor discomforts, such as no hanging bars in the bathroom and a noisy air-conditioning. The only bar was the door handle. Thus, we always had to change in/out outside the bathroom. It’s fine since we are all close family members but what if we are extended family or friends staying in the same room? As for the noisy air-conditioning which was only in our room and not our parent’s, we only heard it initially but slept through, as we were so tired after a day’s travel.


The room amenities were a dressing table, mirror, a kettle for boiling water, television, fridge and hair dryer. Large Bath towels and hand towels were provided. I was also surprised by the coffee and tea packs, and cups for us to make some hot drinks. Even toothbrushes were provided!

In the shower room, bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner were provided. In the fridge, there were bottles of mineral water for us. The con is that, there is no separate shower screen to separate the dry and wet areas, so the items you placed in the bathroom could get splashed on.

To hang our clothing, there were hangers and hooks on the bedroom walls, although those weren’t enough for the four of us. We had to use hangers we brought along for the trip. 

Their room service was prompt. When one bed linen and a towel was soiled by Ling, we texted Jenny and she promptly arranged to change new towels and new bed linen for us when we were out and about.


The doors were equipped with electronic locks, which were convenient for us as we need not carry around keys or cards around with us. The only thing was that, since the rooms were all located on the second floor, we had to carry our luggage up/down the stairs. Jenny was very helpful and offered to carry some of our heavy luggage all by herself when we first arrived!


The nearest subway station from ROinhome was Mangwon Station on Line 6, just one stop from Hapjeong. It was relatively easy to navigate between the station and ROinhome, with the help of Google Maps by walking along the smaller roads and making a few turns. We did not really feel unsafe despite returning to the guesthouse as late as 11pm, as there were still quite a number of locals walking around. The roads were also quite well-lit.

The other nearer subway station would be Hapjeong Station itself. We tried walking there from ROinhome the first day but discovered that it was much further than going to Mangwon. From then on, we would only travel to and fro Mangwon Station only, even though we might need to take trains on a different subway line.

Street to Subway Station


As we needed to leave ROinhome very early in the morning, ROinhome especially catered to our needs by delivering our breakfast the night before! She informed us via Facebook Messenger and when we arrived back at our rooms, we were glad that our breakfast was nicely packed and hung on our rooms’ door knobs. We just needed to store them into our fridge so it would remain fresh the next morning.

We had tasty sandwiches and fruit juices for our first breakfast, and cake and fruit juices on the following day. We liked that everything was packaged nicely so we could have our breakfast while on the go. This helped saved time as we were constantly on the move and wouldn’t want to be delayed by staying at one place just for our breakfast.

Roinhome’s first level is a cafe level where we could also eat our breakfast there or order food and drinks if we want to. They offer simple meals such as salads, pastas, risotto and beer.


On our second night, we were craving for Korean Fried/Baked Chicken and as I peered out of our windows, I was surprised to find one such restaurant just directly opposite ROinhome !

We ordered a takeaway of Baked Chicken from the restaurant and bought a can of Korean beer from one of our neighbouring convenience stores (there were quite a few in the near vicinity). I loved the combination and wouldn’t mind having such delicious supper every night!


To summarise, the ROinhome Guesthouse stay was a pleasant one as we received prompt service and could send our feedback real-time to Jenny via Facebook Messenger.

The rooms were cosy and beds were comfortable and we had sufficient space for our activities. The location of ROinhome was good with a short walk to the nearest Mangwon Station and plenty of convenience stores in the vicinity. We did not dine at the surrounding eateries so we could not comment on that.

Disclosure: We were sponsored by ROinhome for 2 nights stay while our parents enjoyed a discount on their room rate. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions about our stay and photos shown are genuinely ours.


For More Information on pricing, Check the ROinhome Website.

Hotel Name: ROinhome Guesthouse / Budget Hotel
Room Types: Family Room for 4 and Triple Room for 2
Location:  478-7, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu. Seoul 04003
Phone:+82 2-3144-3946