Jeju Island: Day 1 Jeju Air Flight to Jeju Island – Car Rental

Travel Period :  30 May – 5 June 2017 (Tues – Mon)



Checking out, we asked the staff to help us booked a jumbo taxi to bring us to Gimpo International Airport, 2 hours before our flight. This is where we would take the domestic airline, Jeju Air, to Jeju Island for our next leg of the trip (4 days 3 nights).


The checking-in was smooth as we didn’t have to queue at all. However, they have this special requirement that we had to come back again after 15-30 minutes to “check” our luggage, after they had scanned and done their internal checking.

We were quite puzzled why it’s necessary to do so as we had wanted to explore the airport immediately after checking-in. Now, we were stuck here in front of the counters, waiting for them. When the luggages came back, we took a look and noted to the staff that all’s well (hmm, well, no locks were broken?) and they took it back again. Again, why is this necessary? We couldn’t touch the luggages too, only to look. So strange!

Finally, we could go to the Departure Hall, and this time, there was a long queue. 

There weren’t much time left when we reached the boarding area. We waited for a short while and it was our turn to board. I was glad to have been given priority boarding due to our toddler, so we could settle down first.

Spotted our yellow luggage going up into the plane while we were waiting.

On board the Jeju Air

The Jeju Air Flight experience was pretty smooth since it was only about an hour. Frankly, I couldn’t remember much of it except that I was reading their in-flight magazine. Ling sat on my lap this time as we didn’t purchase a separate seat for her, while Dar sat with us. My parents sat behind, with a stranger.


Arriving at Jeju Island, we had to disembark and take an airport shuttle. It was quite crowded in the bus. My parents were slower and slightly behind us, and we watched anxiously as the cut-off for the last passenger happened right before them!

Argh, they had to wait for the next bus to come from the main airport area and we would have to wait for them. (Do make sure your family members are together for this).

Meanwhile, we went to look for our luggages and load them onto the trolleys. Fortunately, there was only one small entrance, so it was easy to spot the next bus arriving and reunite with my parents.

Vin headed to the Lotte Rent-A-Car Counter first, to get information for the shuttle bus to the rental place. He was given this slip of paper with clear instructions.

We walked out of the Jeju Airport, across a pedestrian walkway, towards the parking zone, where a shuttle bus were waiting.


We got on the shuttle bus and it took us to the Lotte-Rent-A-Car office. Vin registered and paid up and we were brought to our rental car, A Kia Sorento 7-seater.

Before we got on,

  • we checked the car for any damages and took pictures of it with many angles. This is a precaution we always take, in case, there are disputes when we return the car.
  • we requested car seats for both our kids. One is a baby car seat for 19 months old Ling and a child booster seat for Dar, who wasn’t 1.35m yet. We kept the child booster seat on my dad’s lap first, as Dar didn’t need it for now but only later when we explore and he sits in front (he always request to sit in front).

The staff took some time to understand our booster seat requirement though. He brought over a car seat for older kids but it had the entire backing. We only wanted the “seat” part. After a round of communication, and showing him a picture, he understood and immediately detached the lower portion! Ha. We were relieved and didn’t know this could be done. 

When we were finally ready to drive-off, it was getting quite late (around 2-3pm). Frankly, we didn’t know it would take so long for all the registration and collection of car. Would we be in time for a late lunch and then visit the Manjanggul Lava Tube by 5pm as planned?

As the trunk was too small for all our luggage, with Ling in her car seat, we had to place one luggage beside my mum. Poor Por-por got squeezed by it a few times when Vin made a turn. I also had to place two small luggage of my parents, in between Ling and me. 

I asked Mum to bear with it for a while since this is only a temporal arrangement for going to the Airbnb accommodation and returning to the airport on our last day in South Korea. The luggage would be unloaded, once we reached our accommodation at night.

We didn’t immediately head to our accommodation because it is at the South of Jeju Island (closer to Seogwipo City). It makes more sense for us to visit Manjanggul Lava Tube which is at the North Area, near to Jeju City. It takes more than an hour to drive to the South, so we planned to visit places at the North, for the First Day.


Vin didn’t like the drive in the Jeju City. The roads were quite narrow with cars parked in parallel arrangement along the roadside. Some roads seemed to allow only one vehicle to go through and wasn’t two way. It was quite confusing for him.

Our original plan of eating lunch in Jeju City was quickly dropped by him and he suggested to drive to the coastal area to eat Abalone Hot Stone Rice at a famous restaurant.

Signboard instructions were in English and Korean. So it was easy to navigate
child car seat
We always made sure our children sits in a car seat when we rent cars overseas.

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However, we didn’t end up there but still ate Abalone Hot Stone Pot Rice in the end. Read the next post, to see where we ate.

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