Seoul: Day 3 Street Food at Myeongdong

Travel Period :  30 May – 5 June 2017 (Tues – Mon)


We heard that Myeong-dong is a shopping paradise, lined with restaurants and street foods. Thus, we specially placed it as a night itinerary. Instead of settling at a restaurant, we decided to just eat some street food as our dinner.

Our hotel, 88 Guesthouse, was very near Myeong-dong Shopping Street and we only needed to take a short walk to reach. It was a little windy & chilly in the evening, so we made the children wear a jacket.

Food We Tried

The first stall we saw was selling Fried Chicken Wings. This is something Vin cannot resist, so he quickly queued to buy a box while the rest of us walk down to search for other food.

We came across the Taiyaki stall and bought a Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake) for Dar and my parents. They had different flavours for the fillings which you can choose. 

With the first food bought, we sat behind on the bench with the planted wall, to eat our food. It is actually the outside of a cosmetic shop, Innisfree. 

After a long while, Vin finally came back with the chicken wings. He found them quite delicious and regretted that he should have gotten more because the queue was too long to get them again. 

We then proceeded with our food shopping and came by a stall selling Meatballs (marinated Korean style). The staff was making them on the spot to grill so they were quite fresh. It was also a hot favourite among the shoppers as we had to queue to buy.

Finally, we came across the stall selling Korean Fish Cakes. We had tried it before that day in Seoul Grand Park, so I knew they would be nice. We bought several to try and I shared them with Ling too.

My mum bought some rice cake with chicken for 5K a box, but they turned out to be too hard to eat. That was the only disappointment we had for the food.

Interesting Shops

We saw an interesting ice-cream shop selling ice-cream shaped like a rose. We didn’t buy however but it was nice to see how they do it, inserting each petal carefully with a scoop.

Besides street food, there were also stalls selling things such as mobile cases, cute stuff or T-shirts. We just casually browse through but didn’t see anything to buy. 

My mum also found some Korean strawberries to buy and treated us to it over the next few days.

Where to Rest & Eat?

Walking down further, there was an area filled with “Luggage-like” seats. We rested here to eat all the food we had bought along the way.

Overall, we find the food tasty but the pricing quite expensive for “street food”. One stick or box of item costs around 3k ~ 5K Won (at least SGD$3.60 ~ $6). Eating this way actually costs more than eating in a restaurant, as they weren’t filling by itself and we need to buy a variety. Thus, it is really more for the experience of “taking a walk through a Korean shopping street and eating our fill”.

By this time, we were quite full. As I was not interested in purchasing anything from the main shops and my mum is not a shopper too, we walked around a bit more before heading back. We had to pack and rest early for our trip to Jeju Island tomorrow.

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