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We are a family living in sunny Singapore (South-East Asia), a small island country.

Travel.Snap.Stories Blog documents our family explorations in foreign countries. Through travel, we widen our horizons and educate our children so they could learn from experiencing than just reading from books and media.

Writing about our travels started in 2009 on our family blog but they grew too much. We thus moved all our travel entries to this travel blog in April 2013. Hence, you might see some blog posts that are dated long ago.

Why Travel.?

There are so many things in the world we have not seen nor experience and we intend to live a richer life by doing so. We travel to these new places in a foreign country to take in the beauty of nature, to admire the architecture, to experience the culture, people and food. We love to learn about ‘what’s out there?’

We wanted this to be a holding place for all our memories and moments recorded from our travels.

We planned all our overseas trips and travel by ourselves so we learnt plenty of things along the way. We are not back-packers however as we still prefer our little comforts in a foreign country and we try to be as safe as possible due to our little ones. Therefore, no adventurous trips for us to exotic places! However, we try to take public transport, eat local food and talk to local people when it is possible, to experience the local stuff.

Since 2001, we had travelled once or twice a year to overseas and been to 15 countries and a number of cities and states. If you are interested in the things we had seen and done, listed by categories, read the “Travel Destinations” page. From the initial travels as a couple to a family with a boy and a girl, we are still working on dotting our footsteps across the globe.

Snap. –

TravelSnapStories_Equipment02Taking photographs in a journalistic way is an important part of our travels. We love to document the places, surroundings, experiences and what we do to make the travel experience even more memorable. 

Our Equipment : Currently Nikon D5300 (Sep 2014 onwards) & Panasonic Lumix GF-1 (2009 – 2014 Aug). Cat handles the composing and editing of photographs in this blog using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Phone photographs are done using Instagram filters and VSCO.

Stories. –

We write to share our experiences and those little encounters we had while travelling in a foreign country. The people we met, the food we ate, the things we found interesting and even the mistakes we took. They are what made our bonds stronger and fueled our lust for travel.

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More Details:

Vin = He loves beautiful scenic places and are often awed by the picturesque scenery at new places, whether they are natural outdoor locations or man-made architecture/structures. He also enjoys the family bonding times during the trips, where all are together 24 hours a day. He handles most of the transportation stuff. He is in the IT industry as a business analyst and engineer by profession.

Cat = She loves Culture, History and attempts to put in places of history, art and culture in her itinerary. Being artistically inclined, she enjoys photography and would venture to scenic places to capture the most beautiful sights. She was a digital artist and teacher but is focused on blogging and being a stay-home mum to Dar-Ling now.

Dar = The big brother who is used to Daddy and Mummy pulling him along on all sorts of transport and making him trek through mountainous regions for long hours. He turns 9 years old in 2017 and is now in Primary 3.

Ling = The little sister who will turn 2 in 2017.

The above is written by Catherine  and Vincent *updated as of Apr 2017

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