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Travel.Snap.Stories started from a new blog in April 2013 and was awarded with the Finalist Award for “Best Travel Blog” in the Singapore Blog Awards 2014. (We didn’t participate in 2015)

Readers come for our detailed travel itineraries which summarises all the information (accommodation/trip details/costs) within one post, so it’s easy to find and read countless times when they need the information for future trips. They also enjoy reading our detailed travel stories of each place we visited as a family, with great pictures to inspire them in their next trip.

From the start of the blog, we had not been doing sponsorships or reviews even though I do get occasional enquiries. Everything was 100% paid for by us and reviewed because we really love our experiences and wanted to share them with our readers.

Come 2017, we are starting to open up to Sponsorship and review activities interesting to us. 

Therefore, this page is to inform potential sponsors what Travel.Snap.Stories Blog could offer. 

We would do reviews IF they are:

  • activities/items/accommodations/places suitable for couple, family and children.
  • to our interests,
  • at a suitable timing,
  • fitting to the travel-related theme of our blog.
  • helpful and beneficial to our readers.

Our reviews could consists of:

We may take 1 week to respond as I may have missed out your email or be busy with the children. Sorry about it and do be patient with us!

Sometimes, the current sponsorship sent may not be suitable for us at that time, but we may contact you in the future if the said sponsor became suitable. Hence, I would keep the email for future references. 

Contact Catherine for any enquiries – travelsnapstories [at] or fill in the Contact Form.

Below are the screenshots of the T.S.S Google Analytics Page with all the current data.


These are the page views starting from 13 April 2013 when we first started blogging to Current. In our active years in 2014 and 2015, there were over 250,000 pages views in a year with monthly page views around 20-29k.

I stopped writing new content on the blog from Mar 2016 to beginning Mar 2017, therefore, visitors rate decrease but at the end of 2016 until Mar 2017, there were still over 200k page views with monthly views around 14,000.

With new content being posted after mid-March, number of visitors and pageviews are increasing daily. 

Our visitors come from all over the world, with these countries being the most.


We post actively in various forums to promote our website so our blog posts get seen. We also use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram to share our blog posts once they are updated. We have a a substantial number of TSS Newsletter subscribers who get updates of our happenings and new posts notification links in their Inbox.