South Korea Seoul: Tips and Experiences

Even though we read up a lot on our trip to South Korea, it still did not prepare us adequately for situations that we encountered during our trip. Therefore, we decided to pen down our experiences in Seoul and the tips that we would like to offer to first-time travelers to The Land of the Morning Calm. Hopefully with these tips, we can help lessen your inconvenience during your trip there so that you will be able to spend more time exploring the place, dining and shopping.

Travelling to South Korea – May June 2017

We are excited to embark on our next Overseas Trip – South Korea! It would be late spring season in South Korea so we hope the weather would be great for sight-seeing! Read more about the “What and Why” and our planned itinerary. Follow us on Travel Snap Stories Instagram for pictures on the go or look at the Instagram gallery at the bottom of the webpage.