Taiwan Souvenirs

In our travels, we love to buy items that are unique to the country or grab interesting souvenirs.
They always bring back our memories of the trip.

Here’s a look at our collection:

1) Rubber-Stamping Through Taiwan

Where we got them – {blog post}

We love that they have stamps made for every place of interest and stations, just like in Japan. It gives us something to do and help us marked the place we had been to. It was fun for us as a couple and continued to be fun for our kid.

I got a simple blank A6 notebook for this purpose before the trip because we would be no where near any shopping area when we arrive (went straight to Chiayi). If you are near a bookshop that sells unique notebooks from Taiwan, it would be even more memorable.

Just go up to the table usually placed outside a station or a place of interest. You would find rubber stamps with stamp pad placed for visitors to stamp their books. If we were not able to find it, we ask the ticket counter personnels or tourist center staff. They are very friendly and would point it out to us.

 2) Taiwan Tribal Stuff 原住民

Where we got them

– Alishan – Tea Leaves
– Formosan Aboriginal – Little Nine-Tribes Figurines & Tribal Hand-made bag 
– Taroko Forest Recreation – Carved Owl Key Chain. Owl is a sacred creature to them.


3) Taiwan Miniature Sky Lantern ‘天灯’  

Where we got them – Shifen Old Town – {blog post}


4) Taiwan Postcards

Where we got them – Shifen /Pingxi Stations {blog post}


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