Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen Trummelbach Falls

Travel Period : 16 – 20 July 2013

Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

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Day 2- Afternoon


The train journey from Kleine Scheidegg to Lauterbrunnen took about 1 hour. We were glad to be inside the cosy cabin for a while, watching the misty views of the mountains as the train went downwards.

The rain was still quite heavy when we walked into Lauterbrunnen town. The streets were deserted. Many people were sitting inside cafés, taking shelter from the rain. We decided to eat tea-break too while waiting for the weather to be better. Just yesterday, we were complaining of the hot weather. Today, we were cold and constantly want to feel warm.

After walking up and down the street a few times admiring the waterfall in the distance, we finally settled on a café that was not so packed. It was also close to the bus-stop (right across from the train station) where we had to take a bus to Trummelbach Falls. Before settling down to tea-break, we checked the bus timing first and made sure we had time to finish.

At the restaurant, we ordered a coffee and croissant set and an extra curry chicken pie. We were quite surprised to hear of ‘curry chicken’ here so bought it to taste whether it’s exactly the same taste we are used to back home. Indeed, it tasted the same and was yummy.


Dar busied himself with the little children’s toys at the corner of the restaurant while eating.

Bus to Trummelbach Falls

We got on the bus about 20 minutes later and set off for the Falls. The rain had stopped by then.

Along the way, we saw many waterfalls running down into the valley. The air was crisp and cool after the rain and we enjoyed the ride a lot, feeling anticipation in the visit.

How would it be like to walk in a lighted waterfall? Would it be too slippery and wet for Dar? I had read that the tunnel lift up is pitch-black dark but interesting. I wondered if he would be scared?  He does have a fondness for cable lifts so I couldn’t wait to see his face lit up with joy at taking the ride.


Alighting from the bus, we were greeted with the huge signboard of the Trummelbach Falls. In German, it’s Trümmelbachfälle.

No, we did not Photoshopped in those words and arrow 😀

The surrounding area of the Trummelbach Falls were neat grasslands dotted with green trees. We discovered a stream with rapid flowing waters nearby. With the mountains towering over us, it was a nice place to take a long slow walk. We were rushing for time so we walked quickly to the entrance which was still a distance away.

Even so, it took us about five minutes to reach the ticketing booth. We had to pay for Dar too this time at CHF 4 while adults were CHF 11 each.We made a good decision to come right after the rain because there were few visitors and we had ample space to walk inside the Falls.


Tunnel Lift


We were the only three taking the lift up. The operator tried to wait for more visitors but there were no one after us. Thus, we sat inside the spacious lift with a capacity for forty people and went up to Level 6 in darkness. We couldn’t even see each other’s faces well but we were seated on the seats by the sides of the lift and didn’t need to walk about. There were also dim lights along the way so it was not so bad.

The operator told us a little history about the lift and managed a conversation with Dar who had so many curious questions. He was apprehensive but got comfortable as it moved.

After we finished exploring the waterfalls, Dar requested to experience the ride again. So, we went up to the level with the lift and came back down again. This time, we went to the back to look through the glass windows as it went down.


First Sight of the Waters

Emerging from the lift and going outside the ‘cave’, we took a staircase to go upwards. Just around the bend, we got the first sight of the spectacular waters, gushing hard. According to information, The Trümmelbach Falls are the world’s only glacier waterfalls carrying the meltwater of the glaciers from the Jungfrau down to the valley – up to 20,000 liters of water per second.

Indeed, there was a loud thundering noise which made Dar uneasy. We started to put on our raincoat parka as we felt splashes of water. It’s hard not to get wet!

There were secure railings with four bars across so we need not worry Dar would fall in.

Walking Inside The Waterfall

How do I describe the feeling of walking inside the mountains with thunderous waterfalls sounds? We didn’t need to talk anymore but just enjoyed the awesome feeling it gave us which we can’t put in words. Anyone who loves nature would love this. Though not as ‘natural’ due to the advance lighting and stony stairs, it was still somewhat surreal for us.

We walked into every tunnel in the walls, admiring the lighted waterfalls and the spiralling of the waters down each uniquely shaped rocks. Waterfalls are such a beauty and we enjoy looking at them every time we travel. These waterfalls are up a notch because of the special lighting in the dark environment. They seemed to have a magical feel.

The steps were slippery and wet but the good traction in our shoes helped us overcome it. I held onto the railings with one hand and Dar’s hand with the other in case he slipped. He didn’t enjoy the thunderous sounds but as usual was excited about climbing up the staircases.

There were 10 main waterfalls to look at and all are accessible via staircases. There was only one direction to go up so we took our time to walk around the caves at each level before we proceeded to the next.


Walking to a Lower Part

Finally, we reached the last of the falls and went outside. From here, we are to walk down the staircase to the lower level Falls. Comparing the look of the falls inside to outside, the outside suddenly seemed ordinary. However, the force of the waterfalls outside were so great that we couldn’t go too near without getting splashed all over. I took a picture in front of one and got my hair wet.


Dar was unhappy that we didn’t need to take the lift down so we promised him we would take it again later after we explored these.

Nice Rock Structures

The Corkscrew Fall is the most interesting lower level waterfall due to the shape of the rocks. I can’t show much from the picture but it was interesting to look at the flow of the water through the crevices.


Before we left the place, we asked the friendly operator to help us take a family picture to remember our visit here. This was at the entrance of the tunnel-lift.


[ Info ]

Information About the Falls

Opening Times: 8.30am – 6pm (July and August)

Pricing: Adults CHF 11, Children CHF 4

Back At Wengen 

Tired after a long day of hike in Männlichen and walk in the Trummelbach Falls, we headed back to our hotel for our booked dinner.

The sky was clearer today after the rain. We could finally see the Alps in the far distance! We walked down further to take photographs at the platform area again before coming back up to the hotel.



Dinner at the hotel was a three-course. The main was beef with potatoes in a creamy sauce. The dessert was pie. This was the second time we tried Swiss cuisine and we enjoyed this better than Fondue. Although we had expanded too much energy today to feel full with these portions. I think we ended up going back to our room to eat tidbits.

At night, we rested and planned our itinerary for tomorrow. The free Wi-Fi was strong for us to surf the net and check information. Vin enjoyed his beer (bought from super-mart) outside in the balcony.


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